Glenn Greenwald – Snowden’s Journalist of Choice

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We traveled to Rio de Janeiro to meet the man who broke the biggest news story of 2013. Glenn Greenwald is an American journalist and author who’s best known for reporting on the leaks of classified National Security Agency documents by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Before he was a journalist, Greenwald was a constitutional law and civil rights litigator, and until 2012 he was a contributing writer at Salon. He has authored four books: How Would a Patriot Act, Tragic Legacy, Great American Hypocrites, and With Liberty and Justice for Some. For 14 months Greenwald was a columnist at the Guardian, where he broke the first NSA story in June of 2013. He has since left the newspaper to team up with filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Jeremy Scahill to start a new media venture, First Look Media, backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

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A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden

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On December 25th 2013 Edward Snowden delivered an alternative Christmas message on the UK’s channel 4 TV station. Before the broadcast a short version of the speech was leaked and immediatly uploaded to youtube. That upload was immediatly blocked but many re-uploads made the clip available everywhere. This is one of those places. If you want to thank Edward Snowden for giving up his relationship, familiy, job and any chance of a normal life to inform us all go here ( and donate. Or spread his message. And do something with it. Because if something is done all of Edward’s sacrifices have meaning.

Calipso är en satellit vars uppgift är att observera jorden

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Calipso är en satellit vars uppgift är att observera jorden. Satellitens dator är konstruerad av Saab Ericsson Space.

Satelliten innehåller tre instrument:

  1. en laserradar som observerar aerosoler.
  2. en kamera som ger infraröda bilder.
  3. en kamera som tar vidvinkelbilder.


Stop watching us!

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Your TV might be Watching you!

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A French- Canadian mind control victims history

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I recently wrote my biography and I would advise you to do the same. It allows to understand much of what one has experienced in the past. The repetition of certain events appears evident. Here is a brief regarding my experience as a targeted individual (TI).



I was born in Canada from a french father and a canadian mother. I discovered recently that the hospital where I was born has been the place of former MKULTRA experiments. At about 3 years old, the family moved back to France. Since it happened exactly at the moment when the US Senat did ban human experimentation from the american land, I wonder if these have not been transferred to distant countries, namely in the area where I grew up. I did not come along very well with french young boys. I was a little persecuted, but could protect myself by becoming a kind of entertainer. I remember specifically that I was once “accidentally” a little wounded when I received a knock on the head using a shovel. I could feel that people were keeping something secret about me and I often felt spied. Yet I started very early to live in community. At 6 years old I went to summer camp then all my life I did spend much of my holidays in group holidays. I certainly spent much more time with my comrades then with my own family members. But still I felt a little left aside. I have two older sisters who were in boarding school during my childhood. I did myself spend 4 years in boarding school. In fact the only person who lived nearly permanently with me was my mother. My uncles, aunts, cousins etc… lived very far from us, so I barely ever saw them.

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Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson

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Mind control. The golden dream of the world’s masters.

Jesse Beltran, ICAACT-leader, that met and scanned many victims of non-consensual implantation for Radio Frequency emissions, called the show of Daniel Estulin on Spanish RT where Magnus Olsson ( is interviewed, “The greatest show on our issues ever made”.

This show, with the original title “Control mental. El sueño dorado de los dueños del mundo” (Mind control. The golden dream of the world’s masters) — broadcasted to some 10 million people — was one of the biggest victories for victims of implant technologies so far. Thanks to Magnus Olsson, who, despite being victimized himself, worked hard for several years to expose one the biggest human rights abuses of our times – connecting people against their will and knowledge to computers via implants of the size of a few nanometers – leading to a complete destruction of not only their lives and health, but also personalities and identities.

Very few people are aware of the actual link between neuroscience, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, neuro-chips, transhumanism, the science fiction’s cyborg, robotics, somatic surveillance, behavior control, the thought police and human enhancement.

They all go hand in hand, and never in our history before, has this issue been as important as it is now.

One reason is that this technology, that begun to develop in the early 1950s is by now very advanced but the public is unaware of it and it goes completely unregulated. There is also a complete amnesia about its early development, as Lars Drudgaard of ICAACT, mentioned in one of his interviews last year. The CIA funded experiments on people without consent through leading universities and by hiring prominent neuroscientists of that time. These experiments have since the 50s been brutal, destroying every aspect of a person’s life, while hiding behind curtains of National Security and secrecy but also behind psychiatry diagnosis.

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