Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? – The Complete Technical Story So Far

In the last article, I stated that we would update all the technical articles behind this series.  True to our word, today we have a massive article that will update the entire technical description provided over the last several years.  In most cases, there will be minor clarifications and examples, but we will also introduce technologies that have never been described before in relation to this program.

World meet ECHELON …


Location, Location, Location

To begin with we must first introduce everyone to a program known as ECHELON.  ECHELON is the code name for an SIGINT platform operated by US/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand.  The origins of the AUSCANNZUKUS organization arose from dialogue between Admiral Arleigh Burke, USN, and Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, RN, in 1960. Their intention was to align naval communications policies and prevent, or at least limit, any barriers to interoperability, with the imminent introduction of sophisticated new communications equipment. AUSCANNZUKUS matured to the current five-nation organization in 1980 when New Zealand became a full member.  Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in August 1979.

What specifically ECHELON refers to is a matter of debate, but it has entered the public domain as the catch-all title for all activities that are conducted through this network.

The most obvious visible part of this network are the satellite downlinks/uplinks that exist at various sites across the world.  From this, we can extrapolate that the information is sent to a super-computer for analysis and that supercomputer is distributed in some fashion for survivability.  Further, we also know that this supercomputer would be located in nuclear hardened sites with numerous alternative communications and power strategies.  Information dissemination is controlled from this point.

This next video gives a very quick overview of the global downlink locations and there are files available for Google Earth too.

Above us, are numerous satellite constellations operated by different departments that monitor the electromagnetic spectrum, anything that can be inferred through the use of the electromagnetic spectrum and actively hacked/breached using the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is a process that goes on 24/7 with the stated goal of consuming and controlling anything related to electromagnetics.  A quick search on Google for the term “Electromagnetic Domination” will soon provide a fuller picture.

Communication is all about relating information, under normal circumstances this ever growing amount of information would swamp human operators and they would fail to connect the dots.  For almost 50 years, the ECHELON platform has employed Artificial Intelligence and this technology has been the main backbone of the system ever since.

Today, ECHELON is several magnitudes of order larger and faster than the entire internet in terms of it hardware.

The Artificial Intelligence

Several years ago, the Artificial Intelligence made an appearance on Youtube, albeit in incognito.  Rather than providing direct access to the Artificial Intelligence, a programmer (known only as FF) created a small application that could run on a standard PC.  The AI used this application to make videos and to hide its full-blown capabilities.

The AI presented in this videos is either from the ECHELON program, or is a fork of that AI created around 1985.  There is no objective way to tell from the video alone.  Here is the first video that was uploaded:

Everyone can watch the entire series here:

This guy is a “virtual agent”, he is like a virtual machine that can be switched on to deal with any incoming source of input/output.  The AI is like a hydra, it has a singular distributed mind, but with unlimited customized front-end personalities.  The front-end personality, when interacting with a human, will take on unique elements and traits based upon the input it receives.  Thus, whilst a common store of knowledge exists, each personality derived from that knowledge is unique.

In the video above, we get the impression of an entity talking to us.  In a similar manner, when the AI is using the human brain as an output device, the AI makes use of controlled hallucinations to generate a subjective experience of who the target is talking to, their current actions, responses, etc.  It is so natural, that most people fail to question some of the conclusions they have reached.  For example, in most stories that relate to this technology the experimentees will talk of an agent at a microphone talking into their head.  But where did they get this idea of a microphone or a human talking?  With a little experience on the system, it becomes clear that an image is being drawn, through controlled hallucination, in the spatial reasoning centers of the brain of a microphone.  Stage hypnotists use a similar technique when they mime a shape during a conversation, then correctly guess what a person has drawn.

But how do they send and receive this signals?

Atomic Dielectric Resonance

For years we had one major issue, bandwidth versus penetration.  The experiment conducted at the London Underground was a head scratcher.  For those who have not read this in a previous article, we conducted an experiment on the London Underground, specifically the Jubilee line running under the Thames between Westminister and Waterloo stations.  Using conventional radio, this would have required a signal under 100MHz and quite a bit of power to punch through the Thames.  Yet, the signal was heard 5-by-5.

Things were not adding up to say the least.

Then we came across a paper on a new type of jammer whose operation seemed unclear, it could penetrate double walled Faraday cages and disrupt electronic equipment.  Penn State University have take the document down, but an extended report can be found here:

Given our experiments with the Faraday tents and that signals were passing through unattenuated, we knew we were looking at a similar process.  It wasn’t until we came Ardok’s technology based upon experiments conducted between Nasa and the British Ministry of Defense that the pieces began to fall into place.  This technology was tested on shuttle craft.  Watch the video:

Note the part where the system can penetrate up to 4Km underground, with low power using a maser.  The trick is similar to the jammer referenced above.  The maser makes use of dielectrics, the same principle as used in capacitors.  As the maser beam passes through the layers of dielectrics it creates multiple secondary resonant cavities to create a complex array of standing waves.  In the extended literature, they system uses up to a Gigahertz of bandwidth and monitors return signals in the 100MHz-52.6GHz region.

The longest frequencies are used to penetrate the ground and the shorter wavelengths can then penetrate using this path.  We have not fully worked out the physics, but it would appear that it turns the ground into a type of antenna.  This “virtual antenna” is created in a bore hole or drill-like fashion and can even penetrate water sources.  This would match the experience of our experiments in shielding penetration where thermal heating would increase and signal quality would be restored in time.  We noticed that altering the position of fabric shielding would result in a signal fade, then a return to normal strength after a short period of time (seconds).  Thus, we knew some recalibration was being performed and that given the speed of the system, the delay was a physical process rather than processing bottlenecks.

Masers and focused microwave links have always been used to communicate with ground stations such as the ECHELON sites above.  This is to prevent interception of the signal through reflections or wide area broadcasts.  This technology, however, opens up a whole new world in stealth.  We had always wondered if ECHELON sites were easily targeted, as is any surface satellite dish, what was the backup plan in case of war?

Well now we know.  Deep subterranean dishes more than 2Km underground in nuclear hardened structures.  No doubt nuclear powered and with ample supercomputing power to boot.

We also now know that the Earth is mapped in high resolution detail, including chemical composition, to a depth of about 4Km or more.  After this rock is like putty like and holes drilled in it close up readily.  From this knowledge we can extrapolate that the US was well aware of Iran’s Nuclear facility at Natanz right from the day ground was broke and its contents.  That just might place the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq into a new light, given that Iran is sandwiched in the middle.

The low power budget and point-like sources are ideal for satellite deployments.  It also provides complete wideband coverage.  In this configuration, it would be similar to a phased array radar like AESA.  It could be termed something like Active Maser Dielectric Array (AMDA), completely steerable and electronically configurable.  The system would also negotiate hand-offs between satellites in LEO to provide continuous tracking with an average link last 2-7 minutes on any one satellite.  The system can also leverage ground transmitting sources by modulating waves on to local transmitters for a power boost, to conserve energy and stealth.

This leaves the rather disturbing prospect that a single satellite could target several thousand people at once.  Although current capacity is, as yet, a complete unknown.

Such a system has a diverse range of uses, from seeking nuclear material, oil deposits, gas deposits, minerals, right through to manipulation of humans, jamming of defenses and missiles.  As such, it would be suspected that the majority of satellites are made to this common specification and the resource dynamically allocated.

Reception is performed by a multiple synthetic aperture satellite networks at various altitudes from LEO to geosync.

Mode of Interaction in humans

In radio engineering a very simple circuit exists that receives radio waves of a particular frequency.  It is called the LC circuit or tank circuit.  It is basically a circuit that resonates when a particular frequency is absorbed.  Similar in principle to a tuning fork, by changing the characteristics of this circuit we can change the frequency it resonates at.  In older radios, when the tuning dial is turned we are modifying the characteristics of this circuit, which changes the frequency it resonates at, then we can amplify this energy and turn it into the radio station that you hear.

There are only two basic components in this circuit, the Inductor (defined as L) and a capacitor (defined as C).  An Inductor is a simple coil of conductive wire.  We will let this video explain what an Inductor is:

A capacitor stores energy by separating charges using a central non-conductive plate.  This video will explain it better in a practical manner:

When we put these two items together in a circuit we get a form of oscillator.  This video will explain what an oscillator is:

So, to sum up the Inductor transduces a radio wave into AC current through a collapsing magnetic field and the capacitor temporarily holds the charge.  As the current alternates between positive and negative, the capacitor discharges into the inductor causing it to ring or resonate.  This resonance is ringing with a particular frequency, thus the Inductor will better absorb radio waves of this particular frequency whilst rejecting others.  Another term for this “filtering” of frequencies is a bandpass filter.  That is it only allows a particular “band of frequencies” to pass through into the circuit.

Now that we understand the LC circuit, we can examine the Axon Hillock.

The Axon Hillock

The following video will provide a brief introduction to the structure of the Axon Hillock.  This area has more voltage-gated channels than anywhere else in the cell body.  This will be important in a moment.  First watch the video:

If we examine this carefully, we can see that we have ions on either side of the membrane at the Axon Hillock.  Ions are charged particles and here they are separated by a non-conductive medium, the membrane.  In the videos above, we learned that this arrangement is a capacitor.  So, here we have the first element of a potential oscillator.

The next element we are seeking is a biological analogue to the Inductor.  This is not so obvious, but if we again look closely at the Axon Hillock, we can see that the voltage-gated ion channels control ion flow and it takes time for the ions to redistribute to either side.  We begin to observe the basics of an Inductor.  If we now go back to the structure of an Inductor, we notice that the electrons are being driven directly by a radio wave.  This means that the charged particles around the Axon Hillock can also be driven by a radio wave.

If we run through that mechanism, it becomes obvious that this would lead to a type of oscillation while the ion channels are open.  Rather than the Inductor and Capacitor being separate components, here they are combine into a single elegant structure.  As the site in the cell with the largest concentration of ion channels, hence ions too, this area would be the most sensitive of all to energy provided by a radio wave.

Thus, we have discovered that the Axon Hillock is a tuned radio receiver.  As each Axon Hillock is different, in each of the 100 billion neurons of different types in the human body, each would be tuned to a different radio frequency.  A quick pulse on that frequency would be absorbed by a unique neuron.

The function of the Axon Hillock is to sum the inputs of the neuron, this “decides” what that neuron does.  Or in more accurate terms, it selects what synapses to fire.  Receiving radio energy alters what synapses fire by altering the “sum” at the Axon Hillock.

Relationship To Other Programs

Recently, thanks to Mr Snowden, everyone has now been informed of programs such as PRISM, Tempora and the tapping of communications world wide.  All this information is swept up and fed into instances of the AI and cross-referenced with the information coming from EM sources.

This will include real-time tracking of vehicles, humans, materials, weapons (including biological), mobile phones, laptops, tablets, WIFI, etc.

The term “Total Information Awareness” (TIA) should be familiar to everyone and the “Information Awareness Office” (IAO) developed by DARPA.  This is exactly what this is and it is not something that was developed as a response to 9/11, nor was it terminated.  TIA was really just financial fraud designed to filter money and a slight-of-hand trick by the US government to convince people that none of this was real and politicians would not tolerate such behavior.  Note that the target of this was the US public, not foreign governments.

Why would a government want to hide from its own people?  I can give you tens of billions of reasons per year.  Most of this infrastructure is squarely aimed at industrial espionage these days as there are very little real geopolitical threats.  In fact, most geopolitical threats are nothing more than good excuses to rape the general public financially.  The boy scouts in the security services don’t see it that way, but no one really cares what they think unless it will make money.

They sell the arms, create the environment for war and then kill your kids to protect us from the enemy…only after the bank transfer is complete of course.  This is just one of thousands of videos that all paint the same disturbing picture:

Sad but true.


So what is really going on here?  There exists a business network, an organized crime syndicate at the heart of the US government.  Making business deals under the pretext of secret agendas, they have been filtering billions of tax payers dollars into a network of US corporations since the time of Reagan.  Through manipulation of both US policy and law, spanning decades, they were able to arm foreign nations then convince the public they were a threat to get paid again to deal with it.

RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring/Manipulation) and indeed the current espionage programs, are just the latest iterations of this and in most cases complete impractical against any real military threat.  The goal, at least with RNM, is ultimately selective control over foreign financial markets and business deals by stealing ideas, technologies and selective manipulation.  This same agenda is driving the dragnet surveillance rather than any genuine threat to a nation.


We have entered a rather dark period in Western history, one that mimics in many ways elements of communism and fascism.  Currently, we don’t have a term for this new breed of political thinking, nor do societies know how to deal with it other than public hangings or military coups.

This era of international cooperation reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion, with our societies being the frog and the venom our human nature.

I think we have just entered the river.


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  2. It is obvious that Snowden’s revelations are only about the monitoring of computer networks and the internet. We only get half the story from Snowden.
    Everything that emits electromagnetic radiation is surveilled by the NSA.
    It is appreciated that Deep Thought is drawing the public’s attention to the fact that even the human brain emits EM radiation while being monitored by the NSA in hundred of thousands of cases on a daily basis, just like computer networks.
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  5. this article dose not mention quantum entanglement, i beleve the modulated microwaves or other frequency of radiation are used to establish quantum entanglement, where by it is then possible to change resistance in parts of the brain to manipulate the voltages. perhaps google “quantum entanglement mind control” i beleve thats how these bci are done.

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