A French- Canadian mind control victims history

I recently wrote my biography and I would advise you to do the same. It allows to understand much of what one has experienced in the past. The repetition of certain events appears evident. Here is a brief regarding my experience as a targeted individual (TI).



I was born in Canada from a french father and a canadian mother. I discovered recently that the hospital where I was born has been the place of former MKULTRA experiments. At about 3 years old, the family moved back to France. Since it happened exactly at the moment when the US Senat did ban human experimentation from the american land, I wonder if these have not been transferred to distant countries, namely in the area where I grew up. I did not come along very well with french young boys. I was a little persecuted, but could protect myself by becoming a kind of entertainer. I remember specifically that I was once “accidentally” a little wounded when I received a knock on the head using a shovel. I could feel that people were keeping something secret about me and I often felt spied. Yet I started very early to live in community. At 6 years old I went to summer camp then all my life I did spend much of my holidays in group holidays. I certainly spent much more time with my comrades then with my own family members. But still I felt a little left aside. I have two older sisters who were in boarding school during my childhood. I did myself spend 4 years in boarding school. In fact the only person who lived nearly permanently with me was my mother. My uncles, aunts, cousins etc… lived very far from us, so I barely ever saw them.


During my childhood I was foolishly in love with a girl, who was a little strange, and who all of us young boys were in love with. I think now that there was something truly magical that could explain here seductive power. She wanted to dominate others and did not hesitate to humiliate me. I kept being in love with her till after 20 years old. I think that she probably did live painful events, the kind of those that were denounced by some women, victims of MKULTRA. I did met her at 8, just after the death of my grandmother and it is like she was her reincarnation. Her Saint’s day was my grandmother is birthday. During a psychotherapy I have realized that I did transfer all the love I should feel for my mother to her. I recently came to question myself about the possibility that all of us young boy did drink a kind of “love drink”, or a kind of drug that could explain our passionate love of her.

During my late 20′s i came to realize that many girls from our community background where raised the same way like her, so they become seductive and able to command to others, and that many of them were “trained” by their father’s incestuous sexuality.

A spy context


I lived my childhood in a specific background. We were living in an area named after the Knight Templars and on their historic land. There were many army officers in our new neighborhood, that had been build by an american contractor. My father was a former officer in the signal corps, son of a professional military man and I think my father did continue serving in the secret services. I think as well that we lived in a spy nest (or net), believing in the templar ideology. I also consider possible that the templars still stir the world power. During my childhood, the death of my grand parents did traumatize me. The need for love was the reason why my school marks did felt down. When I became a teenage, I was in a bad mood. I showed some strange behaviors. I did sway myself. I was bitting my nails etc… Some girl comrades where arousal to me and laughing at me since I was shy and did not know how to react. I did some stupid things at school. Then, like all my family members, I was sent to a boarding school. At that time, once I felts that one of my friends did ear my thoughts. I felt the same concerning my mother. I felt stressed and considered living from the house. But it happened only once. Sometimes I experimented the fact that what I was saying from my mouth was not what I wanted to say. The sounds were changed. I also used to say the words twice. I felt I had a bad short term memory and I often felt fuzzy, like if I was under some kind of hypnotic state. While at boarding school, I started to commit myself to studying and I passed my graduation. At the beginning of adulthood, i met many friends from my home town. But they were friendly, and at the same time, I was not confident with them and felt they were hiding something to me. They were a little laughing at me too. I felt the same with my family.

At around 18, I became allergic and I think that it was maybe from being poisoned with a drink. There may be another reason. I started an inflammation from the nose and my skin was painfully hitching. I think the reason was that I did not share the “communist” point of view that some of my acquaintance shared. From this time I also had to cure the retina of me eyes. This was the reason I was disqualified from doing the military service. One day at lunch I was complaining about my friends behavior to my parents. My father asked me why I was not involved in voluntary action to try to help others. Then he told me something like “don’t you think it would be interesting to be able to open the box that bastards have in their head”, suggesting me that reading the mind was a possible and a wonderful thing. This assertion was said so abruptly that I did not get it. I found it ridiculous and vicious.

During another meal, my father told me that he had been a freemason and that he was telling me this because it could have some bad consequences on my own life. He told me that a freemason is forbidden to make public the freemason identity of another freemason but he can reveal its own membership for good reasons. My sister did suggest me that I could become one, but my father stopped her from saying further. Then I came to know that he had been involved in mafia affairs while we were living in Canada. After this I went to a psychiatrist who advised me to go away from my father and I left home temporally. I lived about six months in misery. Then I came back home, but I did find a student job to be able to pay for everything more than housing and food.



During those times, I had some complicated love affairs. Some girls were getting arousal, but nothing happened. I also had some good relations. Then I met “S”, the younger sister of a girl friend. She had very bad school marks and wanted to become a top model. Her father once did mentioned some kind of anorexia. She told me, with much precautions, that she was a jude. I slept with her but our relationship was not good. After what I had experienced with other ladies, she was manipulating my feelings and acted as a mistress. At university, studying was getting more difficult. Both these phenomenon resulted in a kind of persecution, that I think can be considered as “cointelpro”, either it was conducted by the government or a local mafia organization. I have summarized some events that I have experienced:

* while I was driving some drivers did make signs of threat.
* my old friends were criticizing me for having a bad and immoral life, while I felt much more quiet than most of my university mates. I feared one of my oldest friend wanted to kill me.
* my parents seemed to fear for the all family. My sister told me in a strange manner something that I could not understand: “all I ask for is twenty years of time to be able to raise my children”. I think that she was in fact involved in my meeting of “S”.
* i was invited by an old friend to a show. While riding on the highway, my car’s windshield did shatter.
* at my bank branch office, the security system did trigger itself and I would have lost my hand, cut by an armoured window if it has been an inch closer to the center of the desk.
* at university I felt some rumors about me. I was considered sexually obsessed. I found my identity picture sticked up in the hall of a building where we had a course. Students sometimes did shut up while I was entering a room.
* I sometimes had the feeling that my thoughts were read and commented.
* my sister did criticize me saying I had raped a girl. She is the only person who did criticize me directly in the front.
* my father did spoke once about a rape account and he mimicked on myself the fact that the girl received a gun applied to her head. I remember that, sometime before this, my sister was assaulted in her parking lot, but she did not told me much about this.
* the friend at who’s home I had met “S” invited me to have a scrabble game together. I could barely not compose a word until I could only compose the word “rape”.
* we organized a party at this friend’s home and I think that night there has been somebody I didn’t know who died. Sometimes after this my friend told me that he felt persecuted.
* I had gone with a few jew girls, and at some point I started to ask myself if the problems I encountered had some connexions to this. From the moment I started to think this, things went worse.
*since I felt depressed i went to the psychiatrist. He asked for my parents to come to his office because I told him I felt they were hiding something to me. They had nothing to say other that they loved me as I was their son.
* one day my mother was wearing a sticking plaster at the head. She told me she had felt while going to the market. Then we had a talk about something we did not agree upon. She concluded that I should just take my medication (against depression) and acted like if she was thinking ” there is nothing we can do for such a poor old boy”. That was not her normal behavior since she normally was always acting with a very gentle temper. (but she was very determined)
* one day while I was watching tv at my parent’s, I felt obsessed with the idea that I had raped “S”. I felt this idea was not coming from the inside of my mind but it was imposed to me. Immediately after this my heart went throbbing and I feared I was going cardiac.
* one evening I came to my parent’s home while burglars where inside. It could have turn very bad. I went to the psychologist and told her that I wondered if my thoughts were read. She answered me that she had another patient who felt that the television was speaking to her (read after this) and she prescribed me Haldol, a very well known medication.

Mercure La Sorbonne

Because of these psychological problems I had difficulties to succeed at university, but I finally got the equivalent of a master of sciences. I started to work as a salesman of high technology medical equipments and rented an apartment inside Paris city. I was getting more and more distant to my parents and friends, and finally I lived totally isolated. But I had my first steady relationship with a woman. She was a german woman and I met her while she was in internship in the company I worked for. I did not succeed in this work and decided to change of work. I had a professional training in computing. I was not going well with the other students. Some of them spoke about me as being “Che Guevara”, some others considered ma as a “middle class” man. I think they were very very strange people. One of them was an amateur DJ and he considered there could not be a more important position. It was such a glory! He could not smell himself. And I feared they would poison me.


Well, this is a fact that during those times (around 27 y.o.) I felt sick. I had an inflammatory crisis. My back hurt deeply and from around 3 o clock in the night I could not sleep. I had the sensation that my heart was inflated. I thought I was going to pass very soon. When I showered they were strange noises and I feared to be sprayed with a toxic compound. Recently I have read other targeted individuals testimonies reporting the same. My tooth were loose and I feared they would fall. The diagnosis was not easy, but finally I was diagnosed with spondylitys. It was not considered a very aggressive condition. The cardiologist did not diagnose anything else then a little heart murmur. After these events, I thought that I had been poisoned or gazed at night, but now that I know about DEWs I think that my condition may have resulted from microwaves exposure.

During the years after this I had the feeling that some TV and radio entertainers were commenting my thoughts. I avoided watching tv for about 5 years. I found a job in a computing company. I was on contract with a big electricity supplying company. I had no problem at work, but I was staying most of the time isolated at my desk, with only one colleague staying in the same room. He was kind of tutoring me. I remembered my father telling me about his freemason membership and I wondered if my problems were related to this. So I started reading about this. I was doing this discreetly and indeed I felt it was dangerous simply to read books about it. If you do make research about this I would advise you to keep low profile. I discovered, that the freemasons are the many organizations where most of extremists can blossom and spread, so they can act upon the society by using occult means. One rare example of this, which was investigated by reporters, is the lodge P2 affair. I kept my findings secret. Finally I could move away from the devil’s place I had stayed at when I bought an apartment near from Paris. Unfortunately the joint ownership was not doing well and the building was slowly going to its natural deterioration. I tried to motivate the renters and landlords but to no available. They showed fear and could not decide for themselves. I had some other “little problems” with my health, but the medical investigations did not show anything . I thought that there was some blood in my urine, after It was diagnosed by the labor medical board. My own test using a personal kit were showing blood in the urine as well. But the specialist I met did not diagnose a specific disease and concluded that there may have been a little blood in the urine, but there was no reason for it. I also had once a while some kind of bladder full of blood appearing in a few minutes inside my mouth.

09.11 I changed company

There was a tree month period of notice. During this time I was send by my former company to work at another client’s premises. There I feared that I was poisoned. Everyday I had to shake hand to about 20 people and with each hand contact I felt like a prick, then I felt a strange bowel sensation and I lost weight. And they seemed to thrive because of this. Fortunately this was only for a short period of time, then I was on holidays. I went to a holiday club in Tunisia where I thought some people were former acquaintance from my home town, but they did not show like they were. I had the idea that these were elite military troops. Then just after the holidays, I went to a night club where I had a problem with a man who told me that he could “kill me instantly” as he was an army commando. Then it was 09.11. I experienced a strange situation. Since a few days I had been sent to a client’s premises that consisted only in a few rooms. One of my new colleague was asking me question that I had difficulty answering, even when It was about a software I had used a lot. This colleague was exactly looking and speaking like a world renown soccer player. We were both together in a room equipped with a kind of picture window and there was a television set beside it, in the corridor (strange?). In the afternoon one employee told us that there has been an accident in NY. We opened the tv to be able to look at the attack. I thought it was a joke.

A strange anger

The crisis that followed 09.11 decreased enormously the workload, but I was miraculously assigned a contract in a game company. It went smoothly even thought our chief could not bear contractors. While approaching the contract deadline, one morning I went to work feeling feverish, and nearly shaking. While I was sitting at my desk, our chief approached on my back and right side and made an acid critic concerning the calculation I was doing. I went into a terrible anger. I took some binders and blow them against the floor. She went back home, frightened. I don’t understand how I could get angry like that, but I know others TI have reported the same. Also I think that the way she approached me was instinctively threatening. I was back to the home office. In the context of the economic crisis, my relationship at work went bad. I came into some conflict with a colleague who looked like a former neighbor to my parent’s but did not present himself like he was. Then i went into conflict with my boss, that had been replaced 3 times since my engagement. I suppose he was criticizing the quality of my work because he was asked to “make some room”. I left my job, but I was surprised to find no job opportunities. I spent one month in Canada. I was in interaction with TV there as well. Finally I decided to build and exploit my own internet sites.

Wave communication

Quai de Orleans

Since I was staying in my apartment, I was more and more kind of directly connected with the TV and radio media. It seems my thought could be read 24/24. As an example, while I was opening the radio, the speaker was talking about something directly related to my thoughts. It was like having a tea party together, very chic. But I had no control over being into talking or not. Then I received a phone call from my sister. She regretted that I didn’t want to meet her anymore and explained me that in the times before “we were not on the same wave length”. I found this explanation was foolish. Then I received a phone call from my 6 years old nephew. After a couple of minutes I felt his talking was following my thoughts. I asked myself how to react to this. I thought I was not able to do anything regarding these matters but it seemed that my sister’s family had the qualifications regarding this. I started to suppose that there was a secret war between occultists and that my sister was concerned first hand into this. So I decided to stay aside from this and let them make their war as they wished. Of course I loved her children, so I decided to live with it, and I hoped this was a temporary problem and that they could be useful to me, since I did not considered they would use this technology against me.

Sexually aroused?

while you sleep ...

SInce I was nearly totally cut from other people, I did not hosted anybody at my apartment, where I stayed 6 years. I would even be ashamed to do so, since the building was becoming more and more disgusting. I had become used to look at sexy pictures and movies over the internet and had developed a strong taste of it. It was providing me great satisfaction. But this strong arousal was a little strange. It seemed to appear very quickly, and now that I red other TI testimonies, I wonder if it was totally natural. I sometimes had the feeling that even my enjoyment was kind of triggered from an external source, maybe the internet.

Under control I had the feeling that my apartment was visited and that maybe my food was tempered. I already had this idea while I was living in the former place I had stayed in Paris. But I never saw clues about this. Since a few years I had changed my food habits to be able to keep my allergy and inflammatory disease under control. Then I was following a new treatment of my allergy. It was efficient. But the air in my apartment still felt very irritating. I had the sensation of being in contact with an hitching dust. I have read about testimonies saying that there exist a kind of technical dust that allows to localize people inside their homes using a kind of irradiation. I also used to ear, like it happens most of the time nowadays, a kind of a constant buzzing sound, a very high pitch sound. I also felt strange noises and smells inside the building. To say it directly, I had the idea that there were people being killed inside the building. Once a while I could hear muffled screams and a blood smell. I never saw anything like that. As I was the owner of my apartment I could not move away. After so many years living in strange situations, I was kind of used to it. Either it was real or built in my imagination, I was living with it and did not bother anymore. I could not imagine myself trying to explain such imprecise facts to the police. I also find great difficulties trying to get served at the post office nearby. They were pulling my legs and could never offer the service I was asking for. I also could not get a subvention that I legally could have obtained to try to modernize the building. Everything started to grip. Also, when I was at bed, I sometimes had the sensation that some noises, that sounded nearly like words, where emitted inside my belly, and I received it like a threat. I had the sensation that some movements of my limbs where triggered from the outside of my body. Later, I became like synchronized with the surroundings and even the TV. As an example, the moment I was skipping channel was such that the talking of the entertainers was chained and it formed only one conversation. Despite I always had good teeth, suddenly I had to cure a couple of them. I fear that this has been the opportunity to implant one of my teeth with a very well known equipment to the TIs.


After three years working at building internet sites that didn’t pay, I had to get a job again. I found a contract located on the opposite side of Paris. I was tired of living in a pigsty. The value of my apartment had increase. So I decided to sell it. I rented an apartment located at 10 minutes of driving from my workplace. The flat was located on the 25th floor of a building established on the hills, so it was towering above all Paris city. It was like living in the sky. It was the first time I was experiencing a high standing of living. It was much quieter and I think I was less in communication with TV/ radio. I bought my first personal car. Near to my place I think I saw for just a moment, my grandmother, who had died 5 years before, sitting in a car. The job was interesting and complicated. I was working for a big computing department, employing many young and talented engineers. Unfortunately, I had placed the money I got from selling my apartment on risky assets from the stock exchange and I lost a lot of money. When I first speculated I did good, like when you first bet at the casino, then It went more and more catastrophic. Believe me or not, when I invested it seemed it was influencing the all market. So my little social rising was stopped. Since I had a good job, I decided to take good holidays in a distant country. My older sister who is working at an air flight company had told me that Thaïland was one of her preferred countries. Indeed I had a very good two weeks holidays.

When I returned, my other sister invited me to spend one week at the sea. It was very uncommon. When together, she showed me that she had some inflammation at the neck. At the end of the summer she announced that she had a cancer. A very bad one. I found some statistics over the internet and saw that she had no chance of survival after 5 years and very short life expectancy.
Here we are

So, I had a good job, very qualified, but I was far from being wealthy. I had lost my ten years savings after speculating over the stock exchange. I was living in a very nice flat where nobody came. I had many little difficulties in my everyday life to get served. I felt many people were degrading social relations. The only person with whom I still was in contact was going to die probably soon. I surrendered. I saw that it was my country, France, which was running bad and I decided to moving into Thaïland. I had the idea that my sister would bequeath some money to me and that I could make a new start in this country, where most of the people is much less aggressive. I went to the embassy to get a visa and could see that the thaï lady who was staying next to my parent’s was there. But since I had no relations with my parents I took another counter and she did not noticed I was there. Just a few weeks before living I had a strange car accident. The other driver was totally at fault but I had a lot of trouble to get my car repaired, then to be able to sell it before living. I had sold nearly all my stuff. I left France carrying one suitcase and living another at the airport because I was in excess of luggage.

In Asia

At the moment I arrived I thought I was doing a mistake. In the low end hotel there were some people speaking arab and I feared they had followed my from the stop over in the gulf emirates. One morning when I was having my breakfast, one man hailed me from the opposite site of the room saying “Mr XXXX, senator of the united states”. I hardly greeted back at this eccentric man. I felt welcomed by the thaï people. I easily found a serviced apartment and I met a french man who said he had been living in Thaïland for a couple of years. He presented me to another french man who was married with thaï lady, spoke and read fluently the thaï language. After this I rented an newly built apartment in the suburbs of Bangkok, close to some shantytown. I had good relationship with the employees and some western people living there. I lived there as a western man, or maybe a middle class thaï people. This middl-class is increasing rapidly nowadays and modern malls are flowering everywhere. The style of life is fascinating. It is a 24 hours living city, with a mix of tradition and modernity. Unfortunately, I finally found that some people where earring my thoughts. I think I had been followed by some former acquaintance, maybe my own family members. I had lived away from France partly because of this. But since I had choose to quit France, I didn’t choose to come back so soon. My sister’s family came to spend holidays there and I also met my parent’s thaï neighbor. Hence I integrated more and more inside the thaï society. Then I met a buddhist monk. The day I met him he showed me some pictures of his trips as a missionary. While commenting one picture he told me it was taken in the basement of the World Trade Center. He was observing my reaction. I have concluded that he was spying for the USA. Finally, since I had no authorization to working there I had to come back to my home land. At the end of my stay there, It seemed that some thaï TV entertainer were laughing at me and could comment my thoughts!

Back to France

Lost symbol

I came back with a couple of hundred euros in my pocket. I still was in contact with my former colleagues and got employed by the former company I had worked for. But since I came back (2009), even if I got employed with an average pay, I haven’t been able to find an apartment to rent. Since then I rent a room in a hotel at a monthly rate. But was it a company or a psychiatric hospital I got employed in? I had the feeling that some of my colleagues were former childhood comrades, but they never pretended to be them. I felt that some of my work was sabotaged and that my thoughts were read. I could hear rumors saying that my mother was responsible for the reading of the minds. Then I was proposed a contract (for the 4 time), with a big electricity supplying company.I finally understood that this company is probably responsible for the conception of many spying technologies and linked to the american intelligence services. When I got this position I rapidly came into conflict with a colleague who was coming from Africa. It seemed he could ear my thoughts. I also had the sensation that another colleague, a black man coming from Canada was triggering over me some kind of electrical pricks, that many TIs are experiencing. I think both of them where from a “last days” church, very well educated and good looking, and determined to throw away anybody that is not a black person. When I did not agree with them regarding our duties, our chief of staff was on their side. So, they were a couple of people trying to stress me and putting me to a position where I had not other option than duel. Of course I would have lost the fight and maybe being send to the psychiatric hospital If I had become violent on my workplace. I was invited to a meeting organized by the boss of the company, and realized that he was earring my thoughts. I left work after some negotiations with the company. Of course It seemed like I was the bad guy. I had a meeting with a woman responsible for the staffing. It was tensed. At one moment, I felt that my brain was like frozen. I wanted to speak but could not emit any sound from my mouth. During a meeting with a recruiter, I didn’t feel very well, I was kind of fuzzy and the english recruiter, looking very severe, told me directly that “the machine” was beside the wall at the back of the room where we stayed. He was like challenging me. The only honorable option for me would have being to kill him on the field, but I could not do it. Since I came back to France, I have been more and more in interaction with TV and radio.

Some entertainers are threatening me

One TV entertainer was mocking about the amount of my wage, which is probably so little compared to his. When I tried to insulate myself with different materials like aluminum foil etc… another very well know radio entertainer said that many had tried to insulate them before me, without success and that there was nothing one could do against their listening. It seems that he was calling the people trying to blur the signal “cicada”. I really don’t understand their point of view. They are famous, rich, proud of their power over the people, but it seems they still are not satisfied. Finally I think they have started war in the first place, and now that things are going worse they are tired of it. On the other hand I still have doubt if all this is real. Am I in direct communication with them or is it a kind of morphing technology, that establishes a kind of feedback between me and a machine? I saw some information about this kind of very complex technologies over the internet, where a brain is linked to artificial intelligence. I am also listened at in my hotel room. It seems that clients of the pub just under my room, as well as the tenant of the hotel are hearing my thoughts. I think they are mafioso, maybe communists, and most of them are employed by the (communist) town. They are driving only white cars. I discovered that many TI do testify about these “white cars”. Finally I think that they are militaries working under cover as employed by the town and that hay are equipped by the army with spying technologies that they use on command and also to steal and kill for their own profit. You may find strange that I consider them to be mafioso, communists and militaries at the same time. This is not surprising and this is exactly the kind of complex situation that was illustrated by the lodge P2 affair. Some people having political engagement are building an occult and mafiosi organization, inside the army. That is how they get more power over the state. But I must tell you that I really don’t to who are the people I am talking about. I suppose there are some people infiltrated from many backgrounds. Maybe the “communists” are extremists from a very different side. I don’t know. There is another thing. Since I came back to France, I had problem with black people at work and also in the street. It was always because they tried to dominate others. They may block the way in the street for example. I think they are nowadays operating a kind of “black panther” movement in France. Recently I came into conflict in the subway and I was hit in the face. Lately I have noticed something very strange. I kind of recognize people I knew, but that have change of physical appearance. Mostly their skin has lost its color, they are very white skin with blue eyes, but they don’t look like they are naturally blond. Some of them look more like asian. Also some people look like old acquaintance, but … taller! Either I’am totally hallucinating or they are really changing their physical body supposedly to hide themselves?

brain v

I haven’t found a job for nearly two years and I am now living on welfare. If I am proposed a job there usually is a good reason not to take it. Also the recruiter often seems to be hearing my thought and even claiming it. It sounds like either I take a job in the company of tele(psycho)paths or I starve. I am also probably targeted with DEWs. During certain period of time, I awake at night probably because I received a little shock from a beam. I found an internet site saying that people experiencing this should report to them, providing the location an time of the attacks. This mostly happens at 1 in the morning, in Paris, France. Some are saying that US satellites are hacked by some people that are using them to target others. Maybe this is how my former colleagues administered me shocks at work? After all this I started to look for more informations. I based my research on the hypothesis the freemasons are orchestrating all this maneuver in the dark. I have understood much, but it is too complicated to explain in this testimony. I would just conclude by saying that, and you probably have come to realize it, we are nowadays into secret wars involving many “brotherhoods” that are fighting each other, using secret and very sophisticated technologies. It does include, DEW’s, poisoning, silent kill, reading and tampering the mind and behavior modification. TV and radio medias are involved in the first place. While reading hundreds of testimonies, I have found so many phenomenon that I have experienced myself. I could tell much more, but I tried to keep is as short as possible.

G. 40 y. o. Paris, January 12, 2012

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