What can be done to protect against electronic harassment?

What Can Be Done To Protect Against Electronic Harassment?

In a legal sense, there isn’t too much that can be done. You could change your venue, relocate or move to avoid the harasser but this isn’t usually a practical method for a variety of reasons. For starters, the best thing to do is give us a call from a secure phone. We will conduct a sweep of the suspect areas to locate the source of the suspected harassment and then assist in a course of action to stop the harassment.

Natural obstacles are cheap and effective in blocking most X-rays and microwave or RF (could be a radar gun) signals that a harasser might use. Mountains, caves, desert areas, and large lakes or oceans offer excellent protection and can block or distort most forms of electronic harassment. Shielding signals with Passive or Active shielding can be an effective measure.

If harassment is general to an area and not specifically directed to you, simply moving to another location is the easiest method to stop the harassment. If the harassment is specific to you, then you’ll need to employ some sort of shield or cover, such as mountains or a cave. Shielding may be your only alternative to stop the harassment if you cannot employ natural obstacles or shields. Passive shielding is less expensive then Active shielding and consists of special metal materials designed to block high frequency RF energy, X-rays, etc. Active shielding uses sophisticated electronic equipment to jam, capture, redirect, distort or nullify the harmful energy.

More info …  http://www.bugsweeps.com/…/electronic_harassment.html

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What is Electronic Harassment?

If someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing harm, this is Electronic Harassment.

Electronic Harassment comes in many forms and types. We’ll try to explain what they are and what to do about them below.

Electronic Surveillance Electronic Surveillance is the imposed observation of a person’s belongings, person or surroundings through the use of electronic listening devices, video recording or transmitting devices, spectral imaging through heat or infrared, sound or other radiation sources, and any other means of observing a person’s actions, possessions or routines.

Not all forms of surveillance use electronic devices and not all forms of surveillance are illegal or considered harassment. Simply observing someone using ones eyes is certainly also considered surveillance and is not illegal in and of itself. Surveillance has become quite advanced and will become more pervasive as our society progresses in technology. Micro recorders, covert hidden video cameras (such as pinhole cameras), ultra tiny microphones, micro transmitters, and other bugging devices are easy to get by anyone at spy novelty shops and online stores. For more on this subject, see Eavesdropping Threats for covert hidden camera pictures with additional information, and Electronic Surveillancepage.

Electronic Sabotage/Interference (Jamming) Electronic sabotage or interference is any sabotage that is intentionally configuring personal property to either be destroyed or malfunction. Any intentional interference such as electronic noise generators, sound generators, light generators, spark gap disrupters, or any other form of EMI (electromagnetic interference) which either destroys, disrupts, causes malfunction or loss of resources is deemed to be electronic harassment.

Directed Harmful High Energy Devices This is the most dangerous form of electronic harassment and is quite easy to implement against a person. Directed harmful high energy microwave devices and weapons can include such devices and equipment that are easily available almost anywhere in the World where there are people. Microwave ovens can be modified to focus and direct up to 1200 watts or more, depending on the model, of microwave energy at a person or property and are easy to produce. The results of an attack by a high energy device can be lethal, they can kill or at the least disable a human being or other animals. Attacks from high energy microwave weapons leave blisters, cause internal bruising and/or bleeding, stimulate cancer, cause cataracts, encourage tumors to grow, generate boils, or leave red patches on the skin. Directed Harmful High Energy Weapons will have effective ranges from the point of contact to several hundred yards.

Directed Harmful High Energy Weapons can be used to destroy electronic devices and cause severe interference in computers and alarm systems which can allow forced entry or destruction of vital data. Radar guns are available from surplus stores most anywhere and can be obtained from ex-military sources or even police departments. Radar gun power outputs range from a two or three watts to 3 Megawatts! Portable radar guns range in size from small hand held devices to vehicle mounted long range high power models. These devices have very long ranges due to their greater power, higher frequencies and shorter wavelength. Radar guns emit long or short pulses of high energy capable of causing instant damage or death to living creatures. Semiconductor destruction or malfunction, brain damage & stopping vehicles are other uses for these devices. Other forms of directed harmful high energy include devices such as tasers, klystron guns (radar guns), ion beam guns, plasma pulse guns, soliton bombs, and many more devices.


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24 Responses to “What can be done to protect against electronic harassment?”

  1. http://montalk.net/conspiracy/55

  2. Tack för din omtanke Maggan!

    Ska checka länken igen och mera ingående.

    Sov gott!

  3. Det är ungefär “så här lätt” att skydda sig från strålningsanordningar – samma strålningvapen som används i krig, används mot det civila samhället
    i fredstid – i namn av säkerhetspolitik, forskning, framtidsstudier, etc.

  4. Yes, you have to move. If you were not in a failed area, you would not have been repeatedly accessed until learning for sure about electronic harassment and developing what you think you know, which can be an even bigger problem unless or until the facts are straight and the truth is made public. On the move and in other areas we find the harassment changes. Most of the people who have a voice are under an aero tower. Ask questions until you get the answer. Move to get the answer. Notice what is missing in the misinformation. Base on proof. You seldom see a complete sentence and content where those with something to say are blocked, you can tell. What band is ja m m ing? (The J. Geils Band at the moment) -EI

    • I do understand what you mean by moving – I have already moved several times!

      I have also asked a number of governmental offices many questions! Have I got any answers or help? Noo… Too much money involved in their no-touch torture technologies/DEW.

      Why do you refere to an American rock band and call it jamming? Why not broadband jamming?:-)

  5. Roger Tolces (of Advanced Electronic Security), an industrial security expert in Hollywood, Californa.

    • They confiscated gold in America before. They can do it again. You won’t be able hold on to that anymore than your Federal Reserve notes or your home and car. I’m sure they have detailed records of gold and silver purchases, when the need arises.

  6. I am a victim. Thank you for drawing attention to this subject.

  7. The problem with moving. Based on my own experience, as reported in my blog, landlords are using this harassment to achieve precisely that result. To remove a good tenant with no defaults is normally difficult or impossible, but, with electronic harassment, you can be declared insane and easily got rid of.

  8. Electronic surveillance and/or harassment! Mind control! It’s unbelievable that there’s so much EVIL going on in the world! Thanks so much for your courageous work! God be with you!

  9. Protection suggestion. Do not be a loner. Surround yourself with other people. Be sociable. That way you have lots of witnesses if somebody tries to pull a trick on you. Perps do not like others to witness their gangstalking activities.

  10. Bugsweeps told me that the only way to disconnect from the perp is to go to a military grade bunker. No one can enter a military grade bunker. Obama gave 100 million in March to help the bio ethics commission further research.
    How many feet underground do you have to be to escape mind control? Do we need Lead Helmets for the front half of our head? If it comes in from the front and Lead blocks RF, that would be cheaper than a bunker. If we all get together someplace we could take turns digging and build a bunker we could all get disconnected, if we did it correctly. My perp is verifiably insane and talks all the time, she cannot shut up most of the time. God does not help.. When will someone tell us how to afford/and provide us the use of the 88,000.00 machine to block signals of all frequencies. What municipality will help with that solution?

    • Please get in contact with us a a TI conference call Monday and Thursday at 7 pm. the number is 724 444 7444 then press #139849 #1. And you also can call me and we can talk,

  11. For most people the cost and difficulty of shielding with materials is prohibitive. But there are cheap and free things you can do, like just playing the radio loud (don’t upset the neighbours!), or just sing to yourself as you go about your daily duties. Do not believe the perps who tell you there is nothing you can do or who try to get you to spend money and bankrupt yourself. I have some lead, but, you know what? I never use it. They tell you to get lead because it is expensive, it is toxic and it is heavy and slows you down.

  12. Response to What can be done to protect against electronic harassment?
    You mentioned bugseeps. I contacted them and they do not locate harrasers, they just use analyzers to prove you are indeed a victim which you already know, and then charge 2500, for doing so. then they sell you cloth from Germany that has nickel in it to protect you for another enormous price. when I asked them about finding the perp, harassing me, he said he did not have time to answer my questions.
    Victim for 2 years and 4 months now. A LENS doctor, or a military grade bunker is the best solution I have heard. good luck getting in a military grade bunker. A LENS doctor will map your brain, and it will take 13 trips. Don’t tell him about your V2K, just your inability to sleep and depression, etc.

  13. Finding the perp will not reduce your harassment. You are most likely being tortured by cloaked drone aircraft like the rest of us. Perps are interchangeable. They are there to distract you from what is really going on.

  14. I am just guessing here, an educated guess. I think that what happens is that the cloaked drones fly in the wake of ordinary police and medical planes and helicopters. In this way, they avoid being picked up by detection equipment that would otherwise alert to an object in the airspace, even an object that is otherwise unseen. So stop looking for perps and start learning to avoid airstrikes.

  15. I believe that I am the victim of vibration powered generators, which have been placed for malicious purposes around my premises as part of an ongoing harassment campaign. What I don’t know is what to do about it?

  16. I am being electronically stalked and i dont know what to do i need help with trying to stop this

  17. I am a victim, need more than bugsweep, and moving, for about 3 years going on they feel untouchable, it has to be somebody, I’m an innocent victim, control destroy of the body, thinking process, sex drive, everything physical appearance. FBI, said no police also help!!!!!!! And oh can pull the plug on me a t anytime

  18. I need help please please please there is a nut job trying to hurt or kill me I’m a disabled veteran who fought for my country. I don’t deserve what I’m going thru. Please call me at 937 245 9986 please hurry. I need a hero

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