President Obama Speaks on the BRAIN Initiative and American Innovation – more slavery to come …?

Remember? The Presidential Bioethics Commission – Full HD


Words from the United Nations (UN) 1970:

“The question raised here is therefore whether in a free society, and under what conditions, public will can or should be mobilized by government. In addition there is the implied definition of man and human nature, and the rights of man, in the supposition that his will can be bent to suit the government strategy, however benign its intentions. Is the will that can be so induced or manipulated to be considered no different in quality, desirability and durability from self-generated will? These are old questions.

The space devoted to these issues in the Report does not correspond to the number of problems raised by some of their implications. There is a radical difference, as is intended, between informing those members of the public who desire information, and scientifically designing a campaign to influence individuals via the leaders whom they respect. This is very similar to the problem posed by corporations trading in their own shares to control artificially its value in the market. How democratic is the selection of the cause for which people should be mobilized?” Internet reference:

“Social institutions face growing difficulties as a result of an ever increasing complexity that arises directly and indirectly from the development and assimilation of technology. Many of the most serious conflicts facing mankind result from the interaction of social, economic, technological, political and psychological forces and can no longer be solved by fractional approaches from individual disciplines. The time is past when economic growth can be promoted without consideration of social consequences and when technology can be allowed to develop without consideration of the social prerequisites of change or the social consequences of such change. Diagnosis is often faulty and remedies proposed often merely suppress symptoms rather than attack the basic cause.

The quality of individual life and that of the community is changing rapidly and in many senses deteriorating; foreseeable technological developments will have a still greater influence, presenting both opportunities for a richer life and attendant dangers.

In the corporate environment, the individual enterprise tends to become larger and more complex. Multinational industrial activities are developing which can be expected to influence increasingly political relationships between the nations. This necessitates international planning.
Complexity and the large scale of problems are forcing decisions to be made at levels where individual participation of those affected is increasingly remote, producing a crisis in political and social development that threatens our whole future. It is in relation to this crisis that we feel the planning function and related arts such as forecasting assume new significance.” More …


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One Response to “President Obama Speaks on the BRAIN Initiative and American Innovation – more slavery to come …?”

  1. President Obama says: “Can you imagine to crack the brain code!” “What if the computers can respond to our thoughts…..” “Computer chips, , GPS technology, Internet, Google, the Genom project, the Moon project–all originated from investments –one dollar of the investment, $140 of return.” “We are the nation of the dreamers and risk-takers…..”(I guess this sums-up all….) President Obama is a great speaker, a pragmatic president, but beneath his facade there are skeletons of “risk taking” agenda which affects us all.

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