Happy to be ignorant …? DO NOT WATCH THIS…!!!! This is the COMPLETE monologue of Dr Leuren Moret concerning everyone responsible & in any way connected to DNA Tracking from Space

Published on Feb 27, 2013

A very important exposure to many facts, some may know and many will not. Please watch it and watch it again sometime….share with everyone. The governments will not help us as they are corrupted by the oligarchy at the top of the shadowy control. If we are to be free, then we have to choose self determination and responsibility…we do not need to be constantly instructed by a hypnotic media conditioning our thoughts and a standardised education robbing us or critical thinking…..we the people, must come together and self educate, respect our differences and master our minds. We have been conditioned with layers of subtle control from decades of experts….using the “….ism’s..” to control our allegiances. We the people can live by many systems and the elites will allow for a tiny percent (0.5%) to dominate the world and the majority survive whilst useful in austerity and under tight control with constant monitoring. Comfortable with total monitoring, everything electronic is transparent and archived by the state. Our devices are used to spy on us and interact in some cases ( smart meters, etc..) HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE….and the future generations…? We the people can change the system throughout the world together….put the unity back into our community….reveal the truth behind the mass deception….end ignorance…use the truth set us all free. …PEACE 4 ALL
Originally uploaded by SuperDeltaBravo1, thank you my friend…an inspiration to me and many others….your work is very much appreciated.
Published on 16 Jan 2013

This is the COMPLETE monologue of Dr Leuren Moret concerning everyone responsible & in any way connected to DNA Tracking from Space – ALL leading to & pointing to The Pentagon. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE THIS FOR POSTERITY. & SHARE


~ by blombladivinden on February 28, 2013.

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