It is all about programming the people in the nations – an Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Interview with Dr Nick Begich

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~ by blombladivinden on January 19, 2013.

4 Responses to “It is all about programming the people in the nations – an Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich”

  1. I watched the whole movie and you chose the best interviews. Here is the new conspiracy (just a joke)–it’s kind of funny, but both of the guys are of the Croatian origin and focused on the critical analysis of the mind control and political establishment. Add to this that all electronics-psychotronics began with the “mad scientist,” Nikola Tesla, who was the orthodox Serb from Croatia. Additionally, the scientist who applied N. Tesla’s physics to the brain studies and parapsychology in 60s, 70s–identifying the effects of frequencies to the brain–Andrija Puharich, was also born into the Croatian Chicago immigrant family, considering all of these you may say, wherever those Croatians go there is a trouble….

  2. I found both videos right on the target for truth telling. When will people start to react and act on the truth? For the finding of those videos I have to give the credit to the website

    Funny you mention the Croatian issue, that is also what I have been dealing with recently … 🙂 I believe most scientists are nuts, they do everything for money and fame. If not for them, there would be no mind control possibilities for corrupt governments, that steal everything from innocent people, not only money but even their brains and bodies, tells nothing, denies everything … right?

  3. Man this is strange parking next to a prototype Yugo and this guy who wants to name a time bomb Hugo.

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