MI5 agent Dr. Barrie Trower: dangerous radiation everywhere

Former MI5 agent Barrie Trower is a physicist who worked for British intelligence. There he got secret knowledge about the huge danger of electro smog=scalar waves and microwave radiation in our cell phone and Wi-Fi technology. He reveals how intelligence agencies misuse microwaves to influence people’s bodies, even the brain. They can induce pain everywhere in the body and illness, even heart attacks and every form of cancer. They can control your mind by reading your thoughts, changing them, spying on your memory, change or erase it. They can remote control a human totally without the targeted individual knowing about it. People can be programmed to be a living video camera, killing- or sex-machine.

It is easy to let people hear voices in their skulls. V2K is not a mental illness but the result of modern technology.
The cell phone and wireless Internet radiation damages not only us, our children and nature but even future generations in a so horrible way, that in three generations a lot of women will have lost their fertility.
Dr. Barrie Trower is upset over the fact that British scientists have a license to kill and they used it on hundreds of thousands innocent human “guinea pigs”; and got away with it. He and Mind Control expert Dr. Henning Witte have their suspicions that secret microwave weapons triggered the English results in the London Olympics 2012.
Dr. Trower appeals to all kings and queens, especially to the Danish and Swedish royals, to help their people by giving a press conference revealing this horrible microwave technology.

This is one of the most important interviews White TV ever made. It was taken at the Open Mind Confrence in Denmark.

Mind Control is everywhere


Den f.d. MI5 agenten Barrie Trower är en fysiker som har jobbat för den brittiska underrättelsetjänsten. Där fick han hemlig information om de stora farorna med elektrosmog=skalärvågor och mikrovågsstrålning från vår mobiltelefoni och Wi-Fi teknologi. Han avslöjar hur säkerhetstjänsterna missbrukar mikrovågor för att påverka folks kroppar, även hjärnan. De kan åstadkomma smärtor och sjukdomar överallt i kroppen, även hjärtinfarkt och alla typer av kancer. De kan kontrollera din hjärna genom att läsa dina tankar, ändra dem, spionera i vårt minne och t.o.m. ändra eller sudda ut det. De kan fjärrstyra en människa totalt, utan att offret, targeted individual, ens vet om det. Folk kan bli programmerat att vara levande videokameror, mord- eller sexverktyg. Man kan låta någon bli förälskad med teknologin, utan att det föreligger äkta kärlek.

Det är lätt att låta en människa höra röster i huvudet. V2K är ingen mental sjukdom utan resultatet av modern teknologi.

Strålningen från mobiltelefoner och trådlös Internet skadar inte enbart oss, våra barn och naturen utan även framtida generationer så till den milda grad att många kvinnor kommer att vara ofruktbara inom tre generationer.

Dr. Barrie Trower är upprörd över att brittiska vetenskapsmän har rätt att mörda, och de har använd sig av den i hundratusentals fall, utan att bli ställt till svars. Han och Mind Control experten Dr. Henning Witte har sina misstankar, att de engelska framgångarna under de Olympiska spelen i London 2012 resulterar ur användandet av de hemliga mikrovågsvapen, som den brittiska underrättelsetjänsten förfogar över.

Dr. Trower vädjar till den svenska Kungen att hjälpa sitt folk genom en engångsaktion: att ge en presskonferens där han uppmärksammar farorna med den fruktansvärda mikrovågsteknologin.  —-  Detta är en av de viktigaste intervjuer White TV fick göra. Det spelades in på Open Mind Conference i Danmark.


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11 Responses to “MI5 agent Dr. Barrie Trower: dangerous radiation everywhere”

  1. Guess Who Made Billions Experimenting On You and Your Family But not His Own Family?


  2. Guess Who Made Billions Experimenting On You and Your Family But not His Own Family? http://educationbalancedhealthymeaningfullif.blogspot.com/

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  4. Silent killing via modulated frequencies, a microwave non-lethal weapons—Trower says this is the ultimate intelligence “success”: speed or slow down an athlete on the Olympic games, a person, sneak and peak on the neighbor, your fellow citizen, alter minds of the political officials and so much more… An amazing interview, I had a hard time to listen all of Trower’s confessions and accurate, straightforward scientific information (one of the best statements—only the black hole can stop the microwave straight beam!). Unfortunately, in the electronic media—like the kingdom owned by the Rupert Murdock http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/m/rupert_murdoch/index.html
    — there are no such topics as the mind control and microwave non-lethal weapons. These are usually referred/ labeled to as conspiracy theories. So, if you speak to your fellow neighbor, citizen, or friend “at the market place—where ever this might be,” they would consider you as the lunatic—a person who talks about crazy stuff. Well in the USA there are no noble snow-queens and kings to appeal for help, only a few to fight with lines and words the army of wormy windmills…

    • Firstly, conspiracy theories and lunatics goes hand in hand in those kind of issues when it comes to the victims and dissidents stories and complains – secondly, it is a respectable huge global elite-business, where all developed countries governments have made the insane rules, to invade their citizens homes, bodies and brains to sponsor multinational companies and the international economy. That is what governments are working with since decades … eighter of the governments do care for their citizens wellbeing. No law system for the users and abusers of technologies, no information in media to the public, but psychiatric diagnosis for victims and dissidents. What to say …?

      Norbert Weiners book titel from 1950: “The human use of human beings”, is a correct description of what our governments are doing for living.

      Wieners book from 1948, with the titel: Cybernetics: Signal processing for communication in and between humans (animals), descibes how to use us …

      This industri is at large executed from universities working for governments modulating their citizens feelings, thoughts, perceptions, understanding of what is ongoing, etc … so who are the conspirators and lunatics or terrorists?

      By the way, in Sweden there are sadly eighter no noble snow-queens and kings to appeal for help!

      From Principa Cybernetica Web: The acts, rules, procedures, instruments of power and institutions by which the citizens of a country (or more generally the parts of a system) communicate with (see communication) and exert control upon each other so that the country as a whole maintains its unity and is directed toward ends chosen from within that country (see self-organization, autonomy). Its opposite is laissez faire. In the reality of politics, government is rarely uniformly distributed and is constituted (see constitution) instead in a ruling elite, exercising institutional control over those governed. This unequal distribution of government is particularly prevalent in technical realisations. E.g., the governor of a steam engine, computer control of a production process. In biology, such control hierarchies (see hierarchy) rarely exist which suggest that they may be an outgrowth of rational constructions not a fact of nature. (Krippendorff) http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/ASC/GOVERNMENT.html )

  5. Referring to torture and non-consensual human experimentation targeting innocent individuals under guise of the war on terror, Sullivan stated, “As long as US govt. employees and contractors who perform such atrocities and human rights violations are not held accountable, and as long as the victims’ voices continue to be suppressed, such horrors will definitely continue.”
    “It’s time for the madness to end.”

  6. Thanks for all of your responses. The metaphor of the North Europeans or British asking for help the noble snow-queens/kings and the “pencil” fight against the army of windmills (a little window of freedom expression practicing the free speech here in the USA) absolutely support all of your claims. Thanks for sharing all extended information, I will be glad to dig into all details, history books, and all that “madness to the end.”

  7. This is what I call big business …

    University of Cambridge/Department of Engineering
    Control Engineering Virtual Library: http://www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk/extras/Virtual_Library/Control_VL.html

    Those two links tells a lot: http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/Default.html

    Lucky you in the US! You have at least some government officials as speak up … In Sweden I have never ever seen one …

    • I agree. Though, in the USA you might come to the bottom of one problem–for example the innocent USA citizens surveillance/wiretapping after the implementation of the Patriot Act, but immediately when you resolve one problem, next hundreds appear in connection to the first case. Right now you have the use of drones approval by the various agencies or police for investigation purposes (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/five-things/drones/12659/), which improves ways of surveillance anyway. The technologies used on those drones are amazing, such as the Gorgon Stare, new development of Mind’s Eye technology etc., http://www.army-technology.com/features/feature122434/

      Add to this that the USA Congress approved (voted for–both the Democrats and the Republicans) and the President signed recently one of the most dangerous laws ever S 1867 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amnesty-international/guantanamo-detainee-laws_b_1099826.html). I support any actions of brave people to bring the truth about the misuse of advanced technologies today, but it is not easy any longer to keep up with updated information of what is used and how is used. While I was discovering “waves of information” and discoveries about possible Remote Neural Monitoring Systems, I stumbled upon amazing information about drones and nano tech devices applications. In regard to experimentation and monitoring/surveillance technologies the world around us is changing every single day, too fast, even for the independent brave investigating journalist it would be hard to keep up and critically observe and present fully accurate information.

      I feel that some of shadow government officials are building the high tech net system that will possibly realize such a level of control that once revealed to the general public it will impossible to brake “the fish-net” in which will be captured.

  8. You painted a real black picture with all rights!

    Technology for ruling everything in our life … our bodies and brains, our healthcare system, our children at school, the military and intelligence agencies, our shopping habits, our economy, our social relationships, our love affairs and much much more … at the same time are those dangerous technologies destroying our environment, the air, soil, wather, plants … I hope it is not too late to dismiss all governments … instead of continuing to vote on governments as all use the same technique; the “Machiavellian Intelligence” http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Machiavellian_intelligence

  9. I see what you mean about the drones: http://www.globalresearch.ca/drone-protests-grow-worldwide/

    It is really scary stuff.

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