Lack of law prohibiting mind control weapons in the European Union!




There is no law in the European Union countries prohibiting the use of mind control technologies and/or electromagnetic weapons. This lack of legislation allows continued experimentation with these technologies on civilians, and it is running together with a cover up practiced by authorities to prevent the legal consequences of such breach on human rights and treaties. Russia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, and Missouri have prohibited this weaponry to be used in their territory, but the European Union, after recommending a world guide ban on these weapons in 1999, ( have not yet implemented a Law banning them, at least, in European Territory. The non-consensual victims of this illegal experimentation need help to try and pressure the implementation of that law and of those organisms technologically prepared to be able to help them. So we ask for support and for anyone reading this to sign this petition addressed to the European Parliament.


~ by blombladivinden on July 13, 2012.

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