No More Secrets by Michael Persinger


~ by blombladivinden on April 24, 2012.

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  1. WOW det här var både intressant och spännande!!!

    Eftersom t o m jag fattade vad han sa och menade så måste den här ut på min blogg också 🙂

    Tack för det här min vän!!!

    • Va’ bra att du som är så intelligent fattade!! 🙂

      Frid och fröjd!

      • They zapped the wrong fm with the latest WIFI Device and If you think I wrote down all the details that will prove it, you are wrong. I left out the most increminating details. A foot print tar trail leading to the origin of the attack.

  2. A Document Case of EMF Behavioral Control Victor of a Surveillance Helicopter Reported to my Representatives Law Enforcement
    EMF Attack Witnessed by Two People at the Same Time Willing to stand before Congress and Swear by Oath!

    On the night of May 28 2011, actually the early morning of the same day before I made this video at this YouTube link, a friend and I were awakened from sleep in the same bed about 3:00 AM and both said without stirring, “Do you see that?” ……………………..

    Full Article:

  3. More about Michael Persinger’s work – by Judy Wall,1998:

    There is evidence that the US Government has plans to extend the range of this technology to envelop all peoples, all countries. This can be accomplished, is being accomplished, by utilising the nearly completed HAARP project[15,16] for overseas areas and the GWEN network now in place in the US. The US Government denies all this.

    Dr Michael Persinger is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada. You have met him before in the pages of Resonance where we reported on his findings that strong electromagnetic fields can affect a person’s brain.

    “Temporal lobe stimulation,” he said, “can evoke the feeling of a presence, disorientation, and perceptual irregularities. It can activate images stored in the subject’s memory, including nightmares and monsters that are normally suppressed.”[17]

    Dr Persinger wrote an article a few years ago, titled “On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms”.[18] The abstract reads:

    “Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networks. A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be. affected by a subharmonic whose frequency range at about 10 Hz would only vary by 0. 1 Hz.”

    He concludes the article with this:

    “Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable, but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species, without mediation through classical sensory modalities, by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed.

    “The historical emergence of such possibilities, which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fission, have resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.”

    It doesn’t get any plainer than that. And we do not have open discussion because the US Government has totally denied the existence of this technology.

  4. Can Thoughts be Transmitted and Received by Electronic Devices

    Many believe, we have forgotten the errors of our past in the year BC (Before Computer) and now doomed to repeat! We cannot continue with the insanity of building on faulty foundations of presupposed theories of binary schemas, and expect new innovative results.

    Sadly, even our youth have been conditioned to accept false judgments by huge linear systems, allowing facts to be change with a few strokes of the fingers for political control, global monetary values, and academic oppression.

    The light of intuitive reasoning has been darkened by illusions of monetary gain by safely dwelling in a domain of social standards, instead of the glory of hard won discoveries at risk, paid with the price of failure.

    Our only saving grace will be paradigm shift beyond the binary worlds, naturally induced by a new way to live, think, and view the world.

  5. Future talk of the scientists is more and more focused on changing the world into a new way of communication, Kevin Warwick speaks about “downloading knowledge,” and he is progressing with neuro-cybernetics inventions greatly. Persinger talks about “no more secrets what-so-ever.” He says: “What would be alike if every experience that we ever had (or forgotten) everybody could access it?” and he is convinced that this agenda is the attainable goal with engineering. No secrets at all? At the end all is nicely put in terms of achieving “New literacy”–“you could feel that someone was killed in Northern Africa, you could feel hunger, starvation.” Sounds appealing at the end, but this means that we would be transformed by someone or something into the “hive” consciousness. Is this the death of individuality? How do you control who and how do you access, or you access everything all the time? What happens when you overload your brain system? Do you dream? Or do you live real life? Matrix?

  6. Thanks for additional resources. 🙂

  7. Life with Non-lethal weapon attacks on United States Citizens is like a box of chocolates. You never know what kind of Psycho Maniac you’re going to get!

  8. I see this blog as a master peace ! Glad I discovered this on
    yahoo .

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