Global Electromagnetic Weapons

He who controls the electromagnetic spectrum will rule the world.

Global electromagnetic weapons are the war fighters weapons of the 21st century. Guns, rocket launchers, cruise missiles, chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons are now ALL obselete. The new weapons of warfare are electromagnetic- the true weapons of mass destruction.

A partial list of global electromagnetic so-called “non-lethal” weapons include; over the horizon radar, low and high intensity microwave emitters, cell phone towers, acoustic “psycho-correction” devices, the Russian Woodpecker, American HAARP and GWEN weather modification facilities, a global array of extremely low frequency (ELF) transmitters, infra and ultra-sonic “acoustic radiation” mind control weapons, high power electromagnetic “phased array” radio frequency weapons, pulsed electromagnetic tesla scalar wave weapons, space-based acoustic, microwave, laser, electron and particle beam weapons, psychotronic weapons to manipulate, control, disable and kill selected populations of people, etc, etc…..

Non-lethal global electromagnetic weapons are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction since they can knock out tanks, ships, planes, ballistic missiles and electronic surveillance and communications at the speed of light, in effect, rendering conventional warfare obselete.

Electromagnetic weapons technology has been around since the time of Nicola Tesla, who died in 1943. The Russians are known to have harnessed Tesla technology early on; designing, building and operating transmitters such as the Russian “Woodpecker”, whose signals, since 1976, have been pulsed to the world in the extreme low frequency (ELF) range.

The real story behind electromagnetic weapons and warfare, though, have more to do with controlling, manipulating and modifying the human psyche. Brain-wave manipulation, mind control, behavior modification, crowd and riot control, subliminal entrainment, psycho-correction, dissident control, psychic and telepathic warfare, as well as population control, are all some of the very real effects of having electromagnetic waves, beams and fields- attuned to the right amplitude and frequency- targeted towards an individual, population or nation. Direct access to the human mind is what electromagnetic weapons are all about.

Locally, through the use of a proliferating network of radio, power and cellular phone towers, and globally through the use of large ELF transmitters such as HAARP in the USA, a “psycho-civilized” world society is being created- a one world electronically controlled totalitarian police state- whose main enemies are American constitutionalists and christians, of whom ELF weapons are designed to wipe out.

Already the US Pentagon has developed and compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates that can affect certain functions of the human psyche, mind and nervous system through the use of non-lethal psychotronic weaponry.

These systems are ALREADY in place and are being used NOW to psychically control the populace, without their knowledge or consent. Along with weather modification and the means to make conventional weapons and warfare obselete, global electromagnetic weapons are THE primary weapons of warfare for the 21st century.

He who controls these weapons controls the world.

Steve Jones
P.O. Box 1141
Boulder, Colorado



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