Some ugly monstrous indecent dirty inhumane humans invented these equipments to see through your walls as well. For example, infra-red high-sensitivity equipment, thermal imaging, and through-the-wall technologies can detect your activities behind the walls of your home and even in darkness. Thus, they get access to information on the location and movement of people inside buildings and homes as well – talk about an axis of evil technology being wrongly used against civilians under the outer disguise of being used for earthquakes and criminals but actually being used abusively by authorities on or off-duty or others on their behalf or acquiring it illegally and are being used to play harassing dehumanizing games against innocent common people.

Through-the-wall radar devices are lightweight, portable, & able to focus up to 20 -30 meters ahead & are available only to municipalities & law enforcement agencies officially – examples – RadarVision, Prism 100. They detect the presence of objects through walls. Moving objects appear as a moving blobs – so if you in your home, anyone using this equipment from outside can come to know that you are moving in your home, so your privacy is devastated, thanks to the characterless cowards using it on uneven playgrounds against the have-nots. These sensitive devices can detect even the presence of someone sitting still on the other side of the wall, the machines detect the rise & fall of the person’s chest with every beat of their heart and breath. It is supposed to be used for emergency and security but its abuse and misuse is the tip of the iceberg that should not be swept under the carpet by the public and policy makers blinded by terrorism and using it to harass common people.

Radar Flashlights can see through doors and walls & detect a stationary human’s presence through solid wood & thick walls from 4 feet away. It uses microwave technology emitting an invisible beam of electromagnetic radiation similar to automatic door sensors that sense movement. Its cost – only $500. Tempted to buy it?

Celldar uses radar technology to allow surveillance of anyone, anytime, anywhere where there is an ugly phone signal. It uses mobile phone masts to allow authorities to watch vehicles & individuals also almost anywhere. It has X-ray vision – the capability to see through walls and look into people’s homes and clothes. Tempted to buy it?

Who are authorized to buy it and use it for what legal or illegal, official or unofficial, said or unsaid purposes becomes an issue that the well-dressed law and enforcement agencies seems to be too poor, unhealthy, inhumane, intoxicated in abusive power and incapable to answer in front of the big human quality of ethics of character-worthy healthy humans. Which one of these would you rather be?

Illegal Users

These technologies are supposed to be available only to military & law enforcement agencies. However, the people in those departments using them are humans and humans are susceptible to corruption and absolute power corrupts – these technologies can and are being used by these authorities on & off-duty, and also through a smoke-screen of their trusted civilian followers to illegally and dehumanizingly harass innocent people whom they don’t like for one reason or the other. It is conveniently forgotten that officially these devices are to be used only for emergency, crime prevention, and disaster relief purposes. Thus, there is no accountability & transparency on part of authorities , manufacturers, sellers & users of these equipments to give the public a minute by minute, day by day account of its use or abuse – as if they care!

Diffusion of these technologies into the population creates unanswered questions about the privacy impact of these equipments, their effects on everyday lives of urban civilians such as you and others, as well as the legal implications of these profiling technologies. What a shameful disgrace for humanity when privacy & core of human dignity is abused.



~ by blombladivinden on February 28, 2012.


  1. The Elite vs Occupy the Haves’ Abuses the Have-Nots’ DOD Devices

    Could it be true, the FBI descrinimates between the have and have nots’ when it comes to locking down the abuses of high tech devices illegally used by criminal elements? There is no doubt that Private Security Firms are the custodians of these devices. These firms finance research / development, manufacture such devise, distribute, and sale devices on the open market to any takers under the guise they will only be used by law enforcement and the Department of Defense for peaceful legal purposes.

    In addition, we know that corporations have no soul when it comes to turning a profit which is the nature of capitalism that is benign unless the manufacture is given exclusive rights of a person or personhood.

    Once we identify a manufacture or distributor of invasive high tech devices as a person, that corporation becomes a Sociopathic Political Machine and a danger to the civilian population.

    The FCC and the FBI are responsible to protect the public from the abuses of these devices; however, only the elite that fund these agencies are protected under the law. In the balance of the haves’ and have-nots’, or the civil war brewing between the Elite Class and the Occupy movement; 99% of the United States population lose the protection of the FBI while unscrupulous Executive Political Offices such as Governors of the States of Arizona and Texas, use these devices on the poor and middle class with impunity justified by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of National Security.

    Criminal elements have easy access to these devices where money buys special interest favors by our Congressional Representatives. These dangerous devices end up in the hands of third world dictators and Narco War Lords, then used to torture the populace. The devices migrate back over our borders and are used by criminal elements including Private Detectives employed by or secretly financially backed by Private Security Firms.

    Private Security Firms have become the Mafia of the new millennium, legal organized criminal networks insuring the permanent positions of incumbent political leaders who are in reality dictators of a lawless state such as Texas.

    United States Congressional Bill S 1212 concerning Geolocation Tracking is a good start to control the use of high tech surveillance devices; however, if you read the fine print, the bill is design to protect law enforcement personnel and political leaders from criminal charges and prison time.

    Never in Texas history have we seen such abuses by the Executive office with a Governor who uses such devices to win elections, electronic propaganda that mesmerizes the uninitiated, and human electornic behavioral control with near 5,000 bias appointees that have influence over the FBI and FCC in the State of Texas, denying the have-nots’ of the Occupy movement, equal protection under the law.

    Read Full Article At:

  2. Where to find an exit from this corrupt world?

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  4. I know exactly what are you talking. I’ve been harassed by this technology for more than a year now.

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