Do you want this lady or anybody to manipulate your brain and body from a distance with advanced biotechnologies? – Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI)

Human- Computer- Interaction – Affective Loop
Design, Interaction, Communication, Mobile, Emotion, Body, Digital material

There is a lack of attention to the emotional and the physical aspects of communication in how we up to now have been approaching communication between people in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). As designers of digital communication tools we need to consider altering the underlying model for communication that has been prevailing in HCI: the information transfer model. Communication is about so much more than transferring information. It is about getting to know yourself, who you are and what part you play in the communication as it unfolds. It is also about the experience of a communication process, what it feels like, how that feeling changes, when it changes, why and perhaps by whom the process is initiated, altered, or disrupted. The idea of Affective Loop experiences in design aims to create new expressive and experiential media for whole users, embodied with the social and physical world they live in, and where communication not only is about getting the message across but also about living the experience of communication – feeling it.

An Affective Loop experience is an emerging, in the moment, emotional experience where the inner emotional experience, the situation at hand and the social and physical context act together, to create for one complete embodied experience. The loop perspective comes from how this experience takes place in communication and how there is a rhythmic pattern in communication where those involved take turns in both expressing themselves and standing back interpreting the moment.

To allow for Affective Loop experiences with or through a computer system, the user needs to be allowed to express herself in rich personal ways involving our many ways of expressing and sensing emotions – muscles tensions, facial expressions and more. For the user to become further engaged in interaction, the computer system needs the capability to return relevant, either diminishing, enforcing or disruptive feedback to those emotions expressed by the user so that the she wants to continue express herself by either strengthening, changing or keeping her expression.

We describe how we used the idea of Affective Loop experiences as a conceptual tool to navigate a design space of gestural input combined with rich instant feedback. In our design journey, we created two systems, eMoto and FriendSense. Link:


2010-11-12, sal C, Forum 100, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista, 13:00 (Engelska)

Examen: filosofie doktorsexamen
Handledare: Höök, Kristina, Professor (Stockholms universitet, Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap)
Taylor, Alex, Researcher
Opponent: Zimmerman, John, Associate Professor (Carnegie Mellon University, HCI Institute and School of Design )
Tillgänglig från: 2010-10-21

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8 Responses to “Do you want this lady or anybody to manipulate your brain and body from a distance with advanced biotechnologies? – Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI)”

  1. The solution to the “Loop Effect” is not Human Computer Interaction (HCI). The answer is Face to Face Human Interaction improved by successfully designed computer applications by holding those accountable for the design and implementation legally responsible just like any other professional. Computer applications of today and tomorrow make very good slaves; however, very bad masters! by Mr. Potato Head

  2. There is no excuse for people working in the field of ruling other people’s life!! Biopolitics is the power over other people’s life – a master and slave program – nothing else.

    A quarter of the human population are ‘sick’ and find abusing machines and humans to be a respectable work. It says something about human nature that is quite disturbing.

    Have a good day Sir! (or Mr Potato) 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot – I hate misspelled words. I wonder if it is me or the keyboard?

  4. You are so right! It is a lot of happening all day long!

  5. The policy is to drug the hell out of you to keep you out of the loop.

    I am the master of my fate – I am not.

    A very good read is a Longfellow poem:

    All are architects of fate working in these walls of time
    Some with massive deeds and great some with ornaments of rhyme
    Nothing useless is or lo
    Each thing in its place is best
    And what seems but idle show strengthens and supports the
    For the structures that we raise
    Time is with materials filled
    Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks with which we build
    Truly shape and fashion these
    leave no yawning gabs between
    Think not because no man sees such things will remain unseen
    In the elder days of art builders wrought with greatest care
    Each minute and unseen part for the gods see everywhere
    Let us do our work as well both the unseen and the seen
    Think not because no man sees such things will remain unseen
    Build today
    then strong and sure with a firm and ample base and ascending and secure shall tomarrow find its place
    Thus alone shall we attain to those turrets where the eye sees the world as one vast plain and one boundless reach of sky.

    From 30 year old memory, at least. -Poison Ivy League

  6. Looking back is not always a good idea, but,
    But, there was that bit I tended to edit and make my own.

    Strange sights in place of queer, in the cremation of Sam Mic or is it MacGee. – Robert Service

    uck, uck.

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