The Eye in the Sky – Two-Way Electronic Brain Link – by Gregory O’dell

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~ by blombladivinden on February 5, 2012.

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  1. The Elite vs Occupy the Haves’ Abuses the Have-Nots’ DOD Devices

    Could it be true, the FBI descrinimates between the have and have nots’ when it comes to locking down the abuses of high tech devices illegally used by criminal elements? There is no doubt that Private Security Firms are the custodians of these devices. These firms finance research / development, manufacture such devise, distribute, and sale devices on the open market to any takers under the guise they will only be used by law enforcement and the Department of Defense for peaceful legal purposes.

    In addition, we know that corporations have no soul when it comes to turning a profit which is the nature of capitalism that is benign unless the manufacture is given exclusive rights of a person or personhood.

    Once we identify a manufacture or distributor of invasive high tech devices as a person, that corporation becomes a Sociopathic Political Machine and a danger to the civilian population.

    Full Article:

    • I don’t know anything about how Private Security Firms are operating.

      But it is a fact that the Swedish government have made purposeful discrimination among the citizen in Sweden already back in the sixties and seventies. We have black on white proof for that in their own SOU 1972:59 Att välja framtid (To choose future). They clearly describe that the society is going to change in many ways through technologies – and that they where going to “sacrifice” teenagers and maybe unborn children. For the purpose of globalization and hierarchical economic systems. Democracy?!

      I don’t know if it is possible to use google translate for the links below?

      Link to the chapter:

      Link to the chapter “how to manipulate the human brain”:

      Trouble? This link in English, is simular:

    • We base this way of thinking on what we guess can be the truth and on some of the truth we are sure about from proof. The English language is wonderful. We can speak in double talk and no two people will ever read it the same way.
      Electric Island

      Located in Collier County, Florida, EI is far from any large military complex like what has taken over the Tampa area, and it’s far from Disney World. A route exists called the Everglades Alligator Alley, or just “The Alley” running between the Miami International Airport/Area “MIA” or Keys, and old I75 on the west coast, Naples.

      There is government land, a forgotten bombing range used by the bygone Naples Airport and you can pay to camp in the Picayune Strand State Forest. There’s about 70,000 acres there with over 30 miles of trails. PS runs along The Alley. A nearest major intersection is State Road 951 known as Collier Boulevard, the road to Marco Island, and The Alley Interstate 75, Exit 101.

      The public roads end within a few miles. Private, county, and federal lands surround whapping aero towers. Electric Island starts where the power lines end. It is free to camp and use the electric if you are not on the naughty list.

      EI sits in the middle of six square miles of all private roads in an array of towers.

      “Take refuge in my harbor,” said the spiders to the fly, “the safest little harbor that ever the eye did spy.” The Island has seen a disproportionate number of guests who have had backgrounds in nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, RAF, USAF, armed forces. There is a large international presence. We never know who is going to show up and when. In the summer there are incredible lightening storms. It rains so hard in such a short time, the cypress strands overflow. Electric Island is high dry land. You can drive in in the winter if the gates are open and if the locals figure you belong. No drivers license is needed, or tags, so long as you stay on private property. There tends to be some drink and amazing driving records. Some of our land owners are a blast from the past. We keep out of town.

      It’s best to meet the critter population first, by camping in the fall. Failing that, try to not miss the Pod Lighting Ceremony, the Burning Broom campfire on the Solstice, and skip Evacuate Mongo Week, and Gay Fox Week.

      Rule No 1) Quarantine areas do not belong to the owners. You may request a copy of the rules and regulations for quarantines from numerous governments. No 2) See Rule No 1.

      Electric Island is known as a “homing shelter” – NOT a homeless shelter.

      No programs or events are in the works for 2012. Campers are making it on their own. Pets and Peace Corps people have been most welcome. Organization is needed to open the area to TI type people who are ready to meet and talk openly.

      Camp 13, since 1993, is year-round, it has a phone: (Greg has the number)

      • Greg O’Dell is off the scope. He is invited to EI. Anybody know how to reach Greg? There is another Greg also had a site, now shut down called endingeh, also invited. Will pick up if confirmed we are going that way.

      • I seem to be on call. This is the old camp mail computer u used. I do have phone numbers, including Greg 1, and Greg 2, and the Camp (239) 352-8154. Note: Two Camps are at the shelter last I knew. Those are off limit areas. I’m going.

      • Okay, I’ll try!

  2. window in window pops here. Greg G. x2 are shut down no contact. Can anybody contact them for EI? We are going to meet

  3. The phone was the connection to reach anyone on Electric Island but you can only call in, then hook up the modem, and, all the old computers in the storage container were made off with if they worked. These guys are as bad as Snow-den in red. Yes blue still works to call when a real person is there if u pick up and plug the phone in the way it always had been. The reason why they can talk near a fan has to do with the weak signal in that black hole. A TI was talking. I was blocked until I got a strong signal from my system – then I got to talk with another authority very clearly. There were six of us. Three were not able to get free. If Greg from that hole over near that other place Greg knows about had been there, I think it would have been worth it to make the trip. Each time, same thing. Numbers grow, but the TI people are not like us. Two were people with nuclear level secrets. At least they all can see it happen and no longer doubt. Sorry this sounds stupid. Wish those wanting to know had been there. More later when out. -word from EI, Florida. PS Please ID when u use our mail.

  4. I have a connection with call for-ward-ding.
    Time is needed to decode that?
    Joe said it’s a hole number.
    There was another meeting, but no public place. EI may be turned over to the U.S. for service members only. When out of the area most of the camps run the way is, – stupid jamming. And there are witting people. Please take it to those sites. It will be checked every few months by one of the clear speaking people.

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