This video explains how mind control weapons works – US Mind Control Weapons in Iraq – China CCTV7


~ by blombladivinden on January 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “This video explains how mind control weapons works – US Mind Control Weapons in Iraq – China CCTV7”

  1. On May 26 2011, the night before I made this video, a friend and I were awakened from sleep in the same bed about 3:00 Am and both said without stirring, “Do you see that?” Then we started comparing a pleasant strange experience. “It feels like I am flying,” my friend said. “Yes,” I said, then went on to say it is like a video game with pictures of nature, “I feel like I am in a box of scenes pasted on the walls of the inside that look like aero photos of the field [cattle pastor next to us].” What do you see,” I asked my bed companion. “I am not sure,” she said, “but it feels great!”

    Without another word, we rose from our backs to a sitting position, turned our heads and looked at each other then move our feet off the opposite sides of the bed at the same time in unison. We both got up and walked to the living room and I turned on the TV. Then I turned back to my friend and we both sat at attention to watch it!
    What came on the screen of the television tube was a small square you normally see for previews in the top right side of the screen. What was strange, an old rerun of the 70’s Show was on and the two kids that play main characters were talking about mind reading devices and then started talking about headsets and tracking devices that the government may be secretly developing.

    The balding father or lead actor in the 70’s show series jumps into their conversation and says, “Government!” He repeats louder, “Government!” He continued leaning close to the two kids and said, “If government tells you to stick a tracking device up your ass, you shove a tracking device up your ass, and say God Bless America!”
    My friend and I both turn our heads and look at each other shaking our heads up and down in patriotic agreement and I automatically said “That’s right, you say no sir, I want two tracking devices shoved up my ass – God Bless America!”

    We turned off the tube and went back to bed. The next morning, May 27, 2011 we discussed it, so I made this video to mark the date and time of the occasion still posted on YouTube at this link:

    Overcome by the idea of being a guinea pig, I also posted this same story on the “blomblad i vinden” word press blog and was bold enough to name a couple of high ranking politicians so our experience may register somewhere is someone’s memory or trigger a hacked duplicate in a Government Homeland data base, If the data might be deleted for moderation or something. I posted at this link:

    Lastly, I bombarded some social web sites with the experience, so that too would stand out, because the experience was real, the bed part of the experience was artificial as compared to my own somatic domain, but the intrusion into our own minds was real; compounded with the fact that two people witnessed the exact same thing at the same time and we can give testimony to the fact!

    Interested persons can watch the short video or look at the images from the same and read what I wrote as evidence of being hit as a mind control electronic experiment, sworn by oath by me – God Bless America!

  2. You are really goood in making videos! Congrat! I put your video here. 🙂

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