US silently tortures americans with cell tower microwave weapon

• Regional Homeland Security administered fusion center agencies/commands use a nationwide microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation “directed energy” weapon system to silently torture, impair, subjugate extra-legally “targeted” Americans and their families — an American genocide hiding in plain sight.
• Victims’ own cell phones may be used to target them.
• A government-devised “microwave ghetto.”
•  How a young FBI agent’s “I believe you” gave victim the faith to go public.


President Obama has told the nation and the world that America does not torture.
President Obama is wrong — and security/military/intel officials in his administration know it. 

America tortures.  Not just Gitmo and Bagram “war on terror” detainees, but its own citizens.

Each day, a nationwide microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation directed energy weapon attack system employing “phased array” cell tower antenna transmitter/receivers and GPS satellites — under the apparent command of dozens of U.S. Department of Homeland Security- administered “fusion centers” and military contractor Lockheed Martin — is used to silently and invisibly torture, impair, subjugate, and degrade the physical and neurological health of thousands of unjustly, extrajudicially “targeted” American citizens…
…and most of the victims have no idea what is making them sick, tired, exhausted, irritable, confused, lethargic; plagued with painful, debilitating head and body aches, sharp, piercing, painful ringing tones audible only to the target, temporary or permanent cognitive impairment…
…leaving them unable to function normally and lead a happy, healthy life.
Victims of this government-engineered, stealth genocide are robbed of the most basic of human rights — free will, freedom from external manipulation of their physiological and neurological functions.
The weapon system is capable of delivering microwave and other radio frequency energy attacks that are precision tuned to specific brain wave frequencies of each human target. Virtually all of the victims previously have visited a doctor or neurologist seeking treatment for pounding headache, unexplained fatigue, sleep problems, or disturbing symptoms such as cognitive impairment.  Those medical visits allow shadow government operatives to harvest medical records, including EEG test results that facilitate “brain mapping” — how microwave tortures are able to mount radio frequency attacks fine-tuned to each unique individual targeted for no-touch torture, impairment, or, over time, slow-kill murder.
These silent, invisible electromagnetic assaults literally can put unknowing victims into an induced state of forced fatigue, involuntary yawning, deep sleep — or, conversely, forced wakefulness — within a matter of minutes, according to victim accounts and supporting published literature.
Pulsed microwave manipulation of brain-controlled physiological functioning has been demonstrated in the Arizona State University laboratory of neuroscientist Dr. William J. Tyler, whose work is being funded by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, according to published articles.

Tyler describes the process as “ultrasonic neuromodulation.”

A recent Popular Science article cites a quotation from Tyler published on the Department of Defense “Armed with Science” blog:

“…(M)y laboratory has engineered a novel technology which implements transcranial pulsed ultrasound to remotely and directly stimulate brain circuits without requiring surgery.”

Tyler told’s “Danger Room:”

“The brain serves all the functions of your body, and if you know the neuroanatomy, then you can start to regulate each one of those functions.”
Because the microwave attack system can be precision-targeted to triangulate its multiple beams on unique individuals, this silent torture and impairment technology can and is being used by federal and local law enforcement to impose a regimen of extra-legal electromagnetic incarceration — a “microwave ghetto” imposed upon citizens without benefit of due process under the law.

According to victim accounts, “innocent but targeted” persons may be subjected to heightened levels of silent torture or impairment if they dare to venture beyond their immediate neighborhoods — to go “beyond the pale.”  Operators of the microwave attack weapon obtain the necessary targeting location coordinates from hidden GPS devices; the victim’s cellphone; or infrared laser targeting devices trained upon the victim by law enforcement or “community stalkers” who may be affiliated with town watch or community policing groups.

The planning for this “microwave ghetto”  is documented in several federally funded studies, such as a March 2001 report from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.
Medical experts have confirmed that irradiation with microwaves and other radio frequencies can induce injury, illness and disease, from strokes and aneurysms to cataracts and cancer — and death.
The military aptly applies the descriptor “slow kill” to these weapons systems, capable of targeting and delivering a wide array of electromagnetic microwave and other radio frequency energy with extreme precision — not “faster than a speeding bullet,” in the parlance of “Superman,” but at the speed of LIGHT.

According to publicly available patents upon which the system is based…

[WARNING:  The active links, above, are subject to MALICIOUS HACKING and may re-direct readers to a phony, or “spoofed” web page.  The writer suspects, but cannot prove, that rogue elements are responsible.  If you suspect the pages have been hacked, please use a search engine to locate another site that publishes public patent documents.  The last time I checked, the patent numbers themselves — 7629918 and 4456912 — were correct.   Alternative sites are not given here, to dissuade further malicious hacking by those seeking to cover up the truth.]
…. this “multi-functional radio frequency directed energy weapon system” generates precision-triangulated “directed” bursts of pulsed microwave energy using the combined power of multiplexed, phased array antenna installations that generate scalar electromagnetic waves. 

Scalar waves  are “out-of-phase” radio waves that have the unique ability at the precise point of intersection to extract variable amounts of microwave energy from a vacuum state.  The technology has its roots in the pioneering work of the scientist Nikola Tesla, whose “Tesla coil” invention first demonstrated the awesome energy-producing properties of scalar waves.

Some scientists believe that scalar wave technology, if exploited for peaceful purposes, could provide a cheap and efficient solution to the world’s energy demands.  But the companies that hold the patents appear to be withholding the technology exclusively for military and national security applications.

The scalar waves produced by the microwave/laser radio frequency directed energy weapon (RFDE) are capable of carrying multiple subcarrier radio frequencies that affect human physiology, at variable power levels (or “amplitude”).  In effect, the RFDE arms security forces with a “God machine” that can manipulate, disrupt, or destroy the biological processes that govern the functioning of human beings.

The God machine can do even more than allow its military and security state operators to lord over the world’s population. The Raytheon patent states that this weapon system can be used to alter, or eliminate, “undesirable atmospheric conditions.” 

In other words, this scalar wave directed energy weapon system can manipulate the weather — harnessing the world’s climate, turning the weather into a potential military super-weapon. 

The old adage, “You can’t change the weather,” no longer is true.

The covert installation of RFDE antennae everywhere across America explains the profusion of cell towers, and why so many towers are clustered so close together, from urban neighborhoods to expansive rural plains and farmlands. 
The cover story — that these are just cell phone towers — amounts to nothing less than a big government lie.

Yet the system is inextricably and ominously linked to consumer cellular communications.
It appears that a human target’s own cell phone may serve as a covert targeting device for this attack system.  Those who are marked for electromagnetic attack could be paying for a telecommunications service that enables their silent torture, impairment and potential injury.

(For more on targeting technologies, see the footnote at the bottom of this article.)
This cell tower attack network has been deployed under the cover of “national security,” apparently as a means to instantly and covertly disable electronic devices that could be used as weapons by terrorists or hostile forces.  The technology requires a continuous radar stream of microwave energy — meaning that the entire population of the United States is being bathed in microwave emissions every minute of every hour of every day.  
Because the system has been built out only in recent years, no entity has studied the long-term health effects of having a stealth cell tower weapon system clustered in populated areas.
Victims of this attack system maintain that silent assaults directed at a targeted individual can cause “induced dementia” — symptoms that mimic Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive dysfunction, but which can dissipate when and if the attacks cease — or if the “amplitude” of the microwave frequency is turned down by its clandestine government operatives.

“The idea is to make the ‘target’ look mentally ill or emotionally unstable, so that the person can be shunted into a mental hospital or otherwise marginalized and removed from society,” says one alleged victim, who says that the silent attacks rendered him so weak, disoriented and fatigued that he was unable to work for a period of four years. 

This victim says he slowly regained his full cognitive abilities only after repeated visits to a local FBI office, where he pleaded with agents to intervene on his behalf.  But he reports that the attacks have continued, causing chronic fatigue, extreme weakness and sharp sudden pain that he says amounts to torture.

He also maintains that his local police chief appears to be aware of the covert attack system, but is powerless to stop the attacks.

“What kept me going when the attacks were most severe, from the summer of 2004 and into 2008, was when I went down to the FBI and literally begged a young FBI agent to help me, and she looked me directly in the eye and said, ‘I believe you.’ 

“When she said that, it gave me the confidence to go public despite my fears that I’d be treated like some kind of a nut case.  Now that the truth is getting out, I’m grateful to that young agent for giving me the faith to fight this.” 
By the pervasive deployment of these weapons systems as a tool of torture and enslavement, the U.S. government is denying thousands of its citizens the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The U.S. government has enabled the “slow kill,” torture, or impairment of thousands of its own people while cruelly stripping them of free will — the very essence of what it is to be human.
This classified weapons system functions in every community in America.  Some local police officials know about it.  Apparently, they have been sworn to secrecy on “national security” grounds.  The mainstream media has its collective head in the sand, buying the government propaganda that a new generation of directed energy weapons  is “less lethal” and thus “saves lives.” 

That is another big lie.

This covert torture matrix is every bit as heinous as the death machine of Nazi Germany — perhaps even more so, because it is silent and invisible.
Victims of these silent assaults also are subject to relentless “community stalking” harassment, vandalism and terroristic acts performed by government-enabled “community watch” and policing organizations that have been transmogrified by a secret multi-agency federal program into a vigilante American Gestapo. 
Victims also say they are subject to financial and career sabotage enabled by government agencies that have deemed them to be “dissidents” or undesirables — or have slandered them as suspected criminals or “enemies of the state.”
President Obama:  Wake up.  You and other top officials also may be in the cross-hairs — and this stealth technology, when applied using Pavlovian methodology, can even be used to covertly influence behavior and decision-making — maybe even your own.

“These are crimes against humanity and the Constitution, being perpetrated under the cover of national security and ‘safe streets’ by multiple federal and local agencies and commands — an American genocide hiding in plain sight, enabled by the naiveté of those who think ‘it can’t happen here.'”Victor Livingston, former reporter for WTXF-TV Philadelphia, Phila. Bulletin, N.Y. Daily News, St. Petersburg Times; producer/host, MSG Network Sports Business Report; columnist,



This cell tower- based microwave attack system apparently uses various advanced technologies to target human beings.  According to information obtained from unclassified patents, defense industry trade journals, as well as an analysis of victim accounts, it appears that a three-dimensional, invisible infrared laser targeting sensor array secreted in or near the victim’s home or place of business makes possible precision-triangulated electromagnetic frequency attacks, prolonged or sudden and momentary, to specific body parts — internal or external.

The literature states that laser targeting systems can be trained on vehicles or moving targets, facilitating precision attacks even if the target is traveling at extremely high rates of speed.

If such a sophisticated targeting device is not available, it appears the microwave attack system is capable of acquiring targeting coordinates from the intended victim’s cell phone or GPS unit. In that case, the targeting is believed to be less precise, but still able to produce disorienting and painful attacks, such as prolonged and unremitting headache and induced weakness and fatigue.

Some victims of this stealth technology now use their cell phones and GPS units only when absolutely necessary, and remove the cell phone’s battery to prevent the broadcast of their location coordinates.  (Just turning off the unit does not suffice, since a cell phone’s power can be turned on by remote control.)

If neither a 3D infrared laser targeting device nor a “live” cell phone is available, the system still appears capable of delivering painful, disorienting or even disabling frequencies.  It is believed that the government has equipped certain personnel — either its own agents, or, some victims believe, local law enforcement or civilian vigilantes — with portable laser-equipped devices that can “paint the target” from a distance.  It is possible that some sworn officers may be under the impression that this technology is used merely for “through the wall surveillance,” not to attack citizens they are sworn to protect.

The literature also indicates that the microwave weapon system can engage the target by way of tiny RFID tags covertly placed in or on the target’s possessions or clothing.  These film-thin RFID tags are ubiquitous in everyday commerce, used for inventory tracking of many consumer products.   “GPS-linked” video surveillance systems, in public areas or inside commercial establishments, also could be used to transmit targeting coordinates to government command centers.
High-powered military satellites are believed to be capable of detecting ground-based tracking devices from low Earth orbit. 
The article linked below, from the web site of the conservative Heritage Foundation, describes a directed energy weapon system that sounds much like the cell tower- based system described here.   The article discusses a microwave/laser weapon system capable of both tracking and engaging a speeding target at the speed of light.

The Heritage Foundation article describes directed energy weapon systems  as “under development,” despite the fact that the cell tower- based system is fully operational.  Also, sentences referencing the effectiveness of directed energy systems against “human targets” such as “terrorists” apparently have been expunged in recent weeks — after this author quoted the article in the “comments” section of this web site.

OR (if links are corrupted / disabled): “GESTAPO USA”

The author of these articles is seeking a foundation dedicated to human rights to underwrite his work, which, since the inception of these pages in July 2008, has been strictly pro bono.

The underwriter’s financial support would be publicly credited at the top and the bottom of each story. 

Those seriously interested in this opportunity to support what I believe is vital and unique journalism, please attempt to contact me via email with contact information (  My email has been subject to interception and tampering; so if I do not respond in a timely matter it surely means I did not receive the message.  In that event, please leave word in the “comments” section of one of my articles and I will endeavor to reach you by other means — preferably, in person.  I reside within commuting distance of Manhattan.

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  1. Thirty-one scientists from 14 Countries Can’t Be Wrong: Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer The World Health organization announced in May that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer. The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, Engine exhaust and chloroform. Go to this link:

  2. The perpetrators of these heinous crimes use a specialized, secret vocabulary. We must expose it. They teach to the victims the term
    GANGSTALKING. We must make sure that every person knows this word and understands these atrocities.

  3. I lived in SoCal when it started and I live in NOLA now, so I know it has to be federal.
    It hurts very badly. Been years now.
    Anyone else in New Orleans dealing with this? We should meet for lunch or something, try to figure out what we can do about it on a local level.
    My name is Sean Hammond and I am on facebook. I am the diver in New Orleans.
    I have thought about putting tinfoil up everywhere,to reflect alot of it, but I feel like that would be crazy.

  4. The total amount of undeserved suffering of innocents has surpassed that of al-qaida and the maffia combined.(years ago) The east-germans are still coping with the damage the stasi did, 15 years after the falling of the Berlin wall. This is going to happen in the countries where people where targeted. The sooner we address this problem the better.

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  11. I almost never write responses, however i did some
    searching and wound up here US silently tortures americans with cell tower
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    • I publish only at wordpress.

      Isn’t that the goal for the world wide government to create “brain drained” and “brain dead” people? They are of course easier to handle.

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  14. my name is a w the law enforcement hate me. I do nothing criminal ..but my ears are ringing at this moment my cell phone is near by my left eye is starting to quiver uncontrollable all day long .if I remove my battery my ears stop ringing my heart is getting worse every day. I have to remove my battery ever night to sleep I could go on and on . I recently had a job of installing generators at cell phone towers every cell tower has a generators provided by U S government . as when I was working on these towers birds of a feather would fall out of the sky . dead hit the ground right beside me dead from R F waves . some one please help me it driving me in sane no one believes me.. I know for a fact their attacking me I have left my family in hopes of not causing them any trouble now I live no were from a golf course to no were . now the attacks are more in tense.

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