Synthetic Telepathy-Mind Control, Brain-Computer-Interaction, Mind Control whith nano implants

synthetic telepathy

The experience of synthetic telepathy “Artificial Telepathy” is really not that extraordinary. It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.

Indeed, most of the technology involved is identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.


Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out. The receiver can hear the sender’s verbal thoughts. The sender, in turn, can hear all of the target’s thoughts, exactly as if the target’s verbal thoughts had been spoken or broadcast. For this reason, the experience could be called “hearing voices” but is more properly described as synthetic telepathy “artificial telepathy”.

Now, if synthetic telepathy “artificial telepathy” were entirely voluntary, like a conversation between friends sitting across the world, it might be kind of fantastic. One could talk back and forth with one’s friend, exchanging verbal thoughts exactly as if speaking on the phone, but without ever using one’s voice or mouth. It’s a completely silent, subvocal form of speech. Between lovers, this would be beautiful.

The problem is that artificial telepathy provides the perfect weapon for mental torture and information theft. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person’s soul.

When used as a “nonlethal” weapons system it becomes an ideal means for neutralizing or discrediting a political opponent. Peace protestors, inconvenient journalists and the leaders of vocal opposition groups can be stunned into silence with this weapon…

Microcircuits The Interface between Neurons and Global Brain Function

Civilian, military and multidisciplinary brain experiments for developing synthetic (artificial) telepathy.

What is the pay off, for governments, to get the wiring diagram (blueprint) of the human brain?

What risks are scientists and governments prepared to take to “win” the ultimate race and challenge of mankind?

What consequences will this breakthrough/paradigm in science have for human integrity, identity, and autonomy?

How many human lives/families/children is the government prepared to sacrifice to compete in this emerging technology?

radiation mind control

Sweden, Europe, a so called democratic nation and union, is not capable of:

  • maintaining human right conventions
  • avoid people being exposed to illegal research with brain-computer-interface avoid people being exposed to mind control experiments with brain-computer-interfaces
  • avoid many years of physical and psychological violence (torture) exercised through brain-computer-interface
  • avoid that patients are injected with bioelectronics implants, without informed consent, when visiting Swedish, european hospitals.

The government solves the problems with illegal research by using their institutions/gatekeepers to cover up for all horrible mistakes and research.

The institution of Psychiatry health care system, and their manual for mental disorder (DSM), acts as guards for the ever-increasing number of people who have their lives exterminated by illegal research with multimedia-brain techniques and never-ending-learning-systems.

The government itself says that they have no insight of abusing the research area brain-computer-interface for remote illegal data collecting from the human brain. The government doesn’t react to information about this topic, and written letters are not answered despite several reminders.

The future and emerging technology, to achieve a computer-brain, is far from being completed. Even if the research pace is extremely high and scientists develop faster than “Moores Law”, it still remains about 20 years before all necessary research on humans is done.

The perception of being a human will, when the brain’s neural code is copied to a computer, changed. Computer-brain interface and the new network technology will make the perception of self consciousness transparent. Man’s thoughts are no longer private.

mind control

The expertise must be enforced to admit that it is the same people who are responsible for both diagnosing mentally illness and implanting brain implants into people’s heads. And that they, by doing so, exterminate human lab rats for life-long copying procedures.

We, the people and the public media, have the right to be informed about the names of the scientists involved in this grotesque and illegal research instead of having more people killed.

Experimenting with brain implants to extract information about the brain has been going on in Sweden, Europe, USA  for more than half a century.

Please help all victims to reveal facts in this topic before more victims are dying due to this illegal research area.

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~ by blombladivinden on September 14, 2011.

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    • Can you help victims of illegal implants? Can you give info on where to go for help or what to do? I have recently found out I am a victim too and I am not happy at all. ( brain/ear/eye – through eye implant ), not sure if more as my body cells have developed to good cells fighting within their own instead of the bad cells and lower body/abdominal pain; but I was only told by someone as confirmed that I do have an illegal eye implant indeed. I spoke too much about it to my GP and he knew and sadly he knows about the optician who told me. I am ready to speak, I am ready to keep trying fighting for my rights as a Human being because illegal implants are not equal to democracy and is a whole role of unfairness going on. I mean, normal people, going though illegal implants, what is the whole idea? I mean, is just disgusting. It is quite hilarious crimes going on socially and nothing being done about that, yet passive people like myself who just want to be happy are made feel like crap and taken advantage of. I have no criminal record and I am totally sane and my words are genuine. I am ready to tell the World from here. I am telling you now in hope of you helping me like Dijana Mesti. I am considering telling the News and whatever else which might be needed to make a stop to this madness. All I want is an apology and this crap to be removed off me.

    • Funny…my name is Ryan and I have thought that I was implanted and that I was a ‘Reality TV show’…an elementary friend was “Vy Tran”…which is an anagram of “Ryan TV”…weird, I know, but there are many subjective experiences which support that at the very least being watched by something/group. I hear voices, have talked with them, have reason to believe that my dreams are influenced, suspect that there are many people in my social circles that know.

      I have become obsessed with this and need to have this publicly acknowledged so psychiatrists stop diagnosing me as psychotic.

  2. In response to DIJANA and Another victim,

    “Can you help victims of illegal implants? Can you give info on where to go for help or what to do?”

    The only thing I can do is to introduce you to a lawyer in Sweden, his name is Henning Witte. He is intervjuing and”collecting” mind-control victims complains. When he is having enough evidence he is going to take it all to court.

    This is the link to the lawyer’s website at White TV and maybe you could look in to the device Magnus is introducing at the video:

    You will also find other victims testimonies there.

    At Magnus web-site you will find a lot of information about implants:

    This is a link to victims world-wide:

    Otherwise the best protection I know about is WATER, water and water … showers, foot baths, put your hands under running water when and if you are injected with heatwaves. Big bottles with water to keep in front of your ears, will protect you from the top of the acoustic sound waves.

    Sorry, this is the best I can do.

    And take care in the best you can do!

    • I totally agree with the acoustic sound waves info, I am glad you mentioned it, I didn’t think it had anything to do with it but does as it makes sense. The heat waves also make sense, everything you said. I have had major pain under my feet and around my feet as well as my hands which started all as well as with the sound waves which is not normal, I think the GP is being paid to invent excuses because all he said was excuses and no treatment. He was actually the one who booked me into Hospital for my very first time here abroad al edging it was to find out more in depth about the synthoms because I was complaining about abdominal pain but then is when I was illegally implanted which I only found that from that optician which I regret mentioning her to him because by this time he must have told her to be quiet, he made questions about where she works and her name, I did not give him the name but he could check the booking and get through to her. Thank you for the links, I will certainly check on that, any help is welcomed I feel really isolated and victimised but I will fight for my rights and in a way I am glad I am not the only one but is sad is many more people out there in the same conditions. This is certainly not democracy, it is something really freaky going on because they are using human beings without their consent and is just not fair plus is illegal which is even worse, why implement laws if they are not to be respected. Specially when is on something so aggravated, if would be on dangerous criminals only I would kinda understand but even still they are human beings too. Big thank you for your help I will take it all in consideration because it makes me understand why I have been feeling so unwell since then. Not mentioning the breach with those implants, accessing the human mind and the world around you your personal life. Even being aware of it, the good thing on teh side of people like myself is that whatever you do in your privacy is still private and there are laws to protect as well as the basic human rights. I might be suffering but I will keep fighting and informing, I contacted the BBC but they havent got back to me I contacted a website which fights for the same rights as you do but once I said my pc is constantly getting hacked and emails as well as calls/texts are not safe, you know what they said? It was a fictional website for a future game, a total lie, first they said I could get help from the sisters of EVE and then said that was a no go info, but they have recommended bbc which I already tried but I seriously dont think they will be helpful. Do you think I should try contacting the government and my embassy or not, I will take in your help is just I am thinking contacting them maybe they could somehow help me but I dont know who did this and why, could be the government or not or an experimental agency… Do you know who is doing and why, because I have no criminal record and I came with dreams, to live my life and be happy but I got involved in this and is too weird for me, I have a mixture of fear and the will to fight for my rights. I even think they might kill me to stay quiet but I have informed my mom, my husband, I have sent to all my friends a pledge to sign against illegal implants, I have contacted BBC… If I go this will come up public, I have mentioned that it wont be for health reasons but because they know that I know.

  3. how they go on ( amending one )

  4. Yes, this is more than awful!

    I am sorry, because I do not have a real good solution to offer. All people in those situations are searching for help to be free. But it is like there is non.

    This kind of crime is conducted on government level. That is way it is impossible to get any help from them. Sometimes it get really hard after comfronting them. The same with the justice system.

    Check out section 2, page 3-4, then you will see the truth.

    Which country are you from? And now you live in England?

    • True, better maybe just getting used to the whole idea I don’t know. Not sure who has done it and y, can’t say who has done it all I know is the name of who operated and hospital but might have been a mistake, I still hope was a mistake, maybe was meant to be on any other patient but not me… It is sad tho n d whole idea is creepy n I cried lots over it but hey, I will stop thinking about all this now because I need some peace. Thank you for your help and advice, I hope you can help informing many other victims of what the whole thing is about and well, lets hope for a better world where every human can be free n live life in peace.

      • You are welcome!:-)

        Take a rest and relax.

        Cross my fingers that everything will turn out the best way for you.

      • No joke. Hope so, same to u.

      • I am A Colonel With The Continental Army Militia A.K.A Mr. Anderson, this is The Matrix. You must forgive yourself for anything you have done by praying from within, not out loud, and this could take a long time. And don’t go crying to god now, none of this To God, Dear God I am sorry for my sins, because God Don’t LIke You, I Don’t Like You. Start talking to Jesus

  5. Mind Control Photographs of Human Thoughts Not A New Age Phenomena

    Mind Control Photographs of Human Thoughts

    Photography of mental pictures or pictures of mental thoughts is not a new age phenomena. I am surprised that Amy Gutman and Her Experts are so far behind the curve? Photography of thoughts inside the brain was demonstrated as far back as 1967 by an ABC documentary of the phenomena. This video demonstrates how and why mental photographs are possible from a book published in 2007.

    I can’t help but wonder what other scientific achievements we have lost by trying to digitalize all that is known by mankind? There is nothing wrong with digitalization if it is done properly; however, we are losing more information faster than we can dig it up by digitalization due to antiquated software applications.

    Best Example: According to Bruce R. Rosen M.D. Ph.D. Professor of Radiology Harvard Medical School an expert in projecting the future of mind control makes a claim that Neuroscience or the study of the brain is the answer and problem solvers to identify someone that is practicing deception, personal profiling, and mind control. He describes a presentation slide “Genetics view of activation inflated surface” as the “raisin back into the grape” or a direct way to visualize what we see by observing an individual brain. Based on his years of academic research, Dr. Rosen raises the possibility we or technically closer to seeing what others are thinking or dreaming.

    Electronic Harassment Lawsuit Information and Contacts
    Join The Law Suit To Wipe Out Electronic Harassment In The USA

    If we win, EH [Electronic Harassment] is wiped out in the USA.

    To join or for more information, send an email to

    Here’s more information on the suit from on the page lawsuit mass filing.

    Join Our EH [Electronic Harassment] Lawsuit
    Public Event · By Bdx Srzg Trfgbh

  6. God will handle it. I have been tortured for over 7 years for no reason but someone didn’t like me and wanted me to suffer for the rest of my life, for their own selfish pleasure.

  7. A clairvoyant is person who sees things clearly in their minds eye, as they are; sometimes with vivid startling accuracy the Greeks coined the logos or the known. It is unclear if the ability of perception is from the normal senses, psychic abilities, or spiritual epitome.

    Clairvoyants rarely reveal their experiences unless the disclosure would be beneficial or helpful to others. There are the unscrupulous clairvoyants and the fakers that use the idea of clairvoyance abilities for selfless reasons that give us all a bad name. Then there is the innocent who believe they have God given talents, which they may; however, do not know what they are doing when they are looking for a lost child and the whole world turns to them for help after exhausting all other alternatives, only to be discouraged by failure and disbelief.

    Lastly, Clairvoyance is not always the case a specialized profession such as murder solving, people finding, or gold digging enterprises. In more cases than not, the clairvoyant that is open and clear of negativity at the time of need is the medium of choice; be it a matter of physics or divine intervention.

    A Telepathic is a person who can also see things clearly in their minds eye, even if it is not a visual experience. The term Telepathy is used to describe when a transmission of some sort is transferred to another human being such as a sister in trouble, perhaps miles away, will cause the other sister to pick-up the phone to aid in someway or to clear her mind that her sister is OK.

    In most cases a Clairvoyant is telepathic, but usually the term is not used as mind reading or a person to person communication as defined by those to be strictly telepathic or associated with the occult. Clairvoyance is not a religion or a work of magic, it adheres to the governing law of physics know and unknown!

    Synthetic Telepathy dwells in the area of the brain and out of the scope of a Clairvoyants abilities. Synthetic telepathy is like having a cell phone implanted in your head to enable one person to communicate with another or several and has been declassified sense 1998.

    A Clairvoyant could be a good candidate for a Synthetic Telepathy experiment but would have to learn to use the area of the brain for speech that would be connected to some type of nano technology. It would be like having two different conversation going on at the same time!

    Thoughts are tangible empirical objects; however, a Clairvoyant does not necessarily have to use the thought process which is limited to the brain. Clairvoyant transmissions can not be picked up by electronic devices because they are beyond binary associations.

  8. Neurologist claim a breakthrough to view and read human thoughts will soon be a reality; however, most of these scientists will never get there, because they have been conditioned by scientific standards and academic oppression. The viewing of visual images is not a new age phenomena. The sources have been lost to the digitalization of text books, periodicals, and scholarly papers. A demonstration of capturing thoughts on photographs was well presented in a ABC documentary in 1967.

    Many believe, we have forgotten the errors of our past in the year BC (Before Computer) and now doomed to repeat! We cannot continue with the insanity of building on faulty foundations of presupposed theories of binary schemas, and expect new innovative results.

    Sadly, even our youth have been conditioned to accept false judgments by huge linear systems, allowing facts to be change with a few strokes of the fingers for political control, global monetary values, and academic oppression.

    The light of intuitive reasoning has been darkened by illusions of monetary gain by safely dwelling in a domain of social standards, instead of the glory of hard won discoveries at risk, paid with the price of failure.

    Our only saving grace will be paradigm shift beyond the binary worlds, naturally induced by a new way to live, think, and view the world.

    By G N O’Dell

  9. Oh, I forgot a case example! Yes, I am a smart ass, and you can take shots at me, after the last few EMF attacks my friends just call me Mr. Potato Head.

    Scientist on verge of discovery of photographs of your thoughts (Amy Guzman Oct. 2011) what a bunch of Nimrod Geeky Look-in Preps we have for scientist these days. They only know what Mr. Computer wants them to know. I wonder, do any of these people have a library card? Look at this article date April 4, 1911 B.C. On the other side, how about that 13 year old spotting a bogus map of the Justintine period and the Museum Nazi’s kick her out only to invite her back because she is correct!

  10. Then I write an essay, after using a dozen witnesses and controlled cameras – every day, I get an email telling me that my photographs are frauds! The reason I did the essay is to get the minds of my readers to challenge and try it themselves. “See The Lighthouse Effect” I have much better photographic examples, but they do not print well in cymk adobe. No problem. I can produce, each and every time on demand under any scientific condition and hand it right to you…………….

  11. Perps might be called Illuminati in US, I found that in some countries they are called simply “Psychiatrist”, not in a classic type of way as a trained doctors, but are regruted in a every parts of life, for example they wont let you became a doctor if you are not one of them, or policeman… That is how they differentiate who is a candidate for MC experiments and who is not, who is the “slave” and who is the “master”. FOr example, if you are not them (they pass this right thruu bloodline and eventualy they will be only ones left in the World) and you simply change your name or get a wrrong kind of tattoo you can end up in MC programm, experimented on, gangstalked, perhaps diagnosed with paronoid schizofrenia – cuver up for those crimes. They are actors, they are most of the mental patients and regruted from every type occupations. They get sick tattos, they make sick horror movies and books, songs, they can change their name in something like Marilyn Mason, they just don’t let anyone else to try that. If they do they get screwed with MC gadgets (or they are simply born in a familly which is targeted). They are on the constant lookup for prospects. They control media so this doesn’t become publically available. PROPAGANDA AND LIES ARE THEY GAME.

    The Police in every country has a record of everyone born in that country, and if they see that someone tries to pull something unusual then they check your record and if you don’t belong you might get screwed. If you do belong it makes it ok. For example you would like to become a singer (or actor) and think you will become famous and think I have to change my
    name like famous singers or actors. Well, it’s OK if you are THEM, if you are not… that is how they differentiate. Or, ever seen some guy how looks like a freak, acts like a freak or have a sick tattoo (666 or something) and you think to yourself how come I am targeted with this and this guy get’s to do what he does? It’s in the police records (that is why only them have access), if it says that that you are “Psychiatrist”or Illuminati or whatever they are called in your country that makes it OK, if you are not…

    O, Pornstars – its all them, you might get screwed for just a watching too much porn or something sick they produce.

  12. How We Did It Fry NSA Computer Circuit Boards My Brain Computer Interface Nano Neuro Probes

  13. Very nice site. Thank you for presenting this data for those who could become targets or are.

    Blessings to you!

    Solaris BlueRaven

  14. […]… […]

  15. Look, it’s a GPS locator on you (they can put them on people WIITHOUT the need for an implant) and then remote technology to put the voice in. But if you have had an MRI and it is abnormal compared to a normal person, it’s schizophrenia. Watch Law Abiding Citizen (DVD release may be best.) and if you can get your hands on it, a copy of Street Wars (UK cop show) called “Operation Jaegermeister (TM)” A certain landlord has put a stupid fucking mind-reading and telepathy program on me with the voices on all the fucking time. And it won’t give you ear bloody cancer (unless you think it’s your mobile and hold your phone to your head all the time.) Yes, my install is named after a certain estate agency beginning with K. These devices are mentioned in “THE Throwback” ny Tom Sharpe (although that might just be the through the ears one when it started, just at home, then moved to a different home and it went in my head.) Search google for “Remote Neural Monitoring and Electronic Brain Linking” And the landlord did it to get his stepson the house, so I’d move to another quickly INSTEAD of British legal procedure which is to give a 2-month notice so I can find a council flat. And he STILL has illegal coin meters and dodgy flooring.

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  17. Those people are sick and very criminals. If any people are experiencing those issues do not even think of turning to the government they will not help you.

  18. […] Synthetic Telepathy primer […]

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