Bättre att tända ett ljus än förbanna mörkret – arabiskt ordspråk


~ by blombladivinden on July 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Bättre att tända ett ljus än förbanna mörkret – arabiskt ordspråk”

  1. Caring Is Sharing! I Care!

  2. I do care too…otherwise I would not post in this blog.

    What happend to your link below?


  3. I removed It. I got the attention of the people that brought harm to me and others. It was front page web headlines and helpful at the time. I take responsibility for my articles and felt is was no longer helpful or some may say disrepectful. I trunred my case over the US Attorney General and Congressman in good faith and received this group blanket response at his link

    My draft story of this article can be read at this link


    My concern was I have been a target for over three years starting with these letters as a point of historic information

    Many other articles I have posted have been censered from web news papers I do not own including Burnt Orange, who have the right to delete any article for any reasons. I never question why the articles have been removed but it is never becasue the information is credulous but inspired something short of a riot or peacful protest.

    That is the problem with the web vs. printed news – statistics, facts, and history can be mulipulated by a few taps of a computer key board and everyone will take that information to be true including a court of law – a dangerous sleepery slope of government corruption.

    I will publish the story soon in hard copy book print titled “The Journal of A Texas Mystic.” So there will be permanent record somewhere so no one has to go through what my famly and love ones have gone through!

    Thank you for carring


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