Mind Control – Targeted Individuals Websites

Alex Constantine’s Black List

Americans Targeting Americans by COINTELPRO (USA)

Are You Targeted (USA)

Bionicgate (SWEDEN)

Blomblad i Vinden (SWEDEN)

Carl Grinde‘s Blog (SWEDEN)

Cyberbrain (SWEDEN)

Educate Yourself (USA)

Gang Stalkning Belgium (BELGIUM)

Geral W. Sosbee (USA)

Government Mind Control (USA)

Hjärnprojektet – Robert Naeslund (SWEDEN)

I Am Not Anonymous I Have a Name (USA)


Information and Research into Progressing Technologies (IRPT) (NORWAY)

John Finch (AUSTRALIA)

John St Claire Akwei versus National Security Agency (NSA) (USA)

Lars Drudgaard (DENMARK)

Let the Truth Set You Free (USA)

Lissa Human E-life (USA)

Mireille Torjman (MAROCCO/USA)

Mind Control (SWEDEN)


Peter Grafström (SWEDEN)

Peter Mooring (NETHERLANDS)

Psychicke Obtezovani (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Psychotronfolter (GERMANY)

Regeringens Tankekontroll (SWEDEN)

Star Seed Resistance (USA)


Svegritet (SWEDEN)

Svenska Mind Control Offer (SWEDEN)

Targeted Individuals Canada (CANADA)

Targeted Individuals Europe (SWEDEN/SPAIN)

The Hidden Evil (USA)

911 The Mother of All Black Operations (USA)

The Ominous Parallels (USA)

Torturing Democracy (USA)

US Government Torture (USA)

Vigilant Citizen (USA)


Zanning’s Blog (About Research/SWEDEN)


~ by blombladivinden on June 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mind Control – Targeted Individuals Websites”

  1. Dear Friend,
    The perpetrator’s handlers want gang stalkers who can be used like automatons/puppets and that will do anything without even questioning it, and who do not have any moral compass whatsoever. Mindless robots are needed to do the racket of gang staking, and the other similar rackets.
    This cult/coven group here on my street even uses their own children and the neighborhood children to gang stalk me, and to lie, cheat and steal from me.
    However, the mind control they are under is “all” erroneous. Satan has great and lofty plans for the world, but in the end; they will all be burned up and rendered powerless.
    It is very sad because all their hard work to lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy will be futile.
    My prayer for those targeted individuals that are suffering from the direct energy weapons and constant harassment:
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    You know everything that is going on, and You “will” bring justice, judgement and vengeance for all of the innocent people who are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
    Please protect, heal, deliver and bring restitution for all that the TI’s have lost in time, money, property, health, time, and anything else that these gang stalkers have done against these wonderful people who are being targeted.
    Please give all of us the love, joy, peace, faith and hope that we need to have the total victory. Please renew our minds, and heal, renew, restore and resurrect every cell in our bodies.
    Please bring the TI’s together in love, unity, prayer, and in communities where we will have a refuge from the evil of the anti-Christ system.
    I know that Regent Park is meant to be a place of refuge for those under attack, and I claim this territory for this purpose. Please send godly men and women here that will purchase this property and use it for the right purpose which is to be a community for people seeking a life of peace, harmony and a decent place to live without the rackets of: gang stalking, pedophile rings, porn production, human trafficking, etc.
    Please expose all of these evil deeds of darkness, and please destroy all of these evil works in our area and all over the USA and the world in Jesus’ Name.
    Please bring these perpetrators and their handlers to justice and prosecution in behalf of all the innocent people that have been attacked. Hopefully, these criminals will learn the truth, and they will turn to the living God and repent in Jesus’ Name.
    Amen, amen and amen.
    Peggy Kannaday
    Regent Park
    707 Torrey Pines Lane
    Fort Mill, SC 29715

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