The book: Hitler was a British Agent – was also a gift to Queen Elizabeth II


Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Dear Your Majesty The Queen 

My Spymaster once swore an oath of loyalty to you. He now believes you have been badly, if not criminally, advised. The Spymaster deels obilgated to point this out. As such, we are sending you a copy of this book.
Yours sincerely,
Greg Hallett

Utdrag från boken: ”When the British Freemasons want to create a war, the American Skull and Bones prepare to supply them with munitions across the Atlantic and vice versa. When either the Freemasons or the Skull and Bones need a war of profit, they use MI-6 and the CIA to create it”.

Enligt författaren var både Hitler och Stalin dubbelagenter och utbildades på ‘Tavistock Institute for Human Relations’. Stalins träning påbörjades 1907 och Hitlers 1912.

Utdrag från sidan 27.

Word leaked out that Hitler was a British agent and the Freemasons were about to be exposed for having created WWI and WWII.

Secret Societies have ”a memory, vengeance purpose and resources beyond generations” and this is what makes them so powerful.


“In wartime,
we provide truth with a bodyguard of lies
because it is so precious.”

Tavistock Millitry Psych-Ops War School
training line:

“In wartime,
the truth is so precious
we surround it with a bodyguard of lies.”


“In wartime,
the truth is so precious
that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

Link to: Hitler was a British Agent 

Connected dots to the Swedish Royal House and government…?


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