Chemtrail-sprayning över Skåne



~ by blombladivinden on May 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Chemtrail-sprayning över Skåne”

  1. Now it is the case, which we have in the United States of America, legal and illegal torture and must make the distinction before the Justice Department will prosecute torture such as Human Behavioral Experiments by Radionics Devices delivered by personal computers, microwaves or helicopters. Chemtrails such we have just seen in Syria and in the past; Agent Orange sprayed over Vietnam. Another example is Paraquat sprayed over Mexican marijuana fields’ smoked by the youth of America.
    Full Article at this link:

  2. Seeding clouds has been going on for at least 30 years. It was Germany and the U.S. involved at the start. Rain making like crop dusting. It rained inside the hangar in Ohio, that building is so big it held the weight of an elephant in trapped condensation. In 2005 a steering current was visable on radar south of Myrtle Beach SC., a chunk of something hit me, it was like a hard grain of rice falling with the pouring rain. There was fear at the time, hurricane Katrina would hit Florida not go on to hit New Orleans as has long been a fear. The winds needed to push the fallout offshore in Japan turned only one time in what would have been an effort to control the atmosphere.

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