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~ by blombladivinden on March 26, 2011.

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  1. It seems very strange that this site has this post and I would reply almost a year on. A lot of fuss was made about the Tom Hanks movie, searching for the Holy Grail. Easter Sunday in 2011, I took off from Electric Island in Florida to continue my sea kayaking adventures on the East Coast of the United States. I have explored thousands of miles of shores alone, or, almost alone. There are critters of all shapes and sizes and an interesting collection of people and their pets I meet, and I seem to find my way into restricted areas, security zones, danger areas, and prohibited areas much too often. I was headed for Perth Amboy, New Jersey, from Georgetown, South Carolina. Got as far as Exmore. That’s a long story short. But I drove on up in my car. The Propriety House helped me find just what I’d hoped for, and that was good published information about The Inventors Institute, and a man named Solomon Andrews, and the first hangar for an aircraft that did sail in air in the 1860’s. Soaring birds had told me about sailing on plane. I wanted to published information on these facts, patents tied to the Navy, Count Zeppelin, a treasure trove of unpublished technology. Man, did I get it. I fled to Canada. Another long story short. In the fall, I made it back to Electric Island. My work is CAD and CAM, a program called AutoCAD is the public version of what helped design the Space Shuttle. Some stolen from Russia. I know the States to be a New World still trying to figure out how to be free of an Old World Order.

    • I love beauty – that is the reason for why you find this post here. But, I must say I love your comment about what you are seeing!

      It also sounds like you made a ‘real’ journey … sounds very exiting. 🙂 Was it an exploring escape trip?

      “I know the States to be a New World still trying to figure out how to be free of an Old World Order.” Have you seen the info from Dark Mission about NASA going to the Moon and March? Is it in correlation with that kind of Old World Order?

      So this is the public version …

      Do you have any information about “how to release” humans from those computer program and slavery? I mean more than moving around …

  2. We have not met in the way that is customary for
    first contact where we recognize we share some
    knowledge about common things, and require getting
    to know one another after introductions including
    names, ranks, and favorite cereals.

    Seldom am I able to talk about sea kayaking. Thousands
    of people know me at a level face to face. The rule
    working for me is to not ask for anything ever when
    meeting so that needs are simply expressed, offers
    extended by free will only. “I sure wonder if it’s safe to leave my boat here while I run into town.” The runner
    in a person tends to come out and knowing the mission,
    we quickly team up.

    That’s why I like to look people over and talk with most
    for a time.

    Water World is a very old world.

    To reply to your text,
    I have to say there are few links I connect to, least
    of all one that has AutoCAD and Windows in together.
    If you want to defeat invasive things, I’ve had an
    eye and an ear for doing that, including results.

    I don’t know a safe way to get you contact information
    without knowing what has traditionally been formal
    including background checks and a clear picture of how much
    you really know and what constructive work you intend to
    do. I grew up with this, and am known well. The place
    constructed here, Electric Island, is root level. Any
    person can fit in at any level? Organization may build
    where this kind of place exists under security. Every
    single-minded person can agree.

  3. One of the TI sites went down on Easter holiday.

    It was endingeh (dot) wall (dot) fm

    The site had a link to this site.

    There is a contact looking into it.

  4. It was one I used to find this site. NSA I Think.
    I got an e-mail from the guy working on it. He said to try it again. I did. It was still down.

    There are people who may want information on that site. My bet is, there are people who don’t want that information let out due to it being simply fact. There is temptation to advance rumor for there to be a way to get to know the truth. It may be better to just tell the truth.

  5. Here is a little truth about good technology:
    Something soaring birds know is that they can sail on wind. They are sailing on plane, two planes really. One is a glide plane on the X,Y axis. The other is a true sail, but like wind surfing, where the weight of the body of a person allows the sail to heel into the wind, and in effect the sail-plane acts as partly a hang-glide plane. To understand this, just watch the soaring birds. I have learned to tell the wind direction by allowing them to teach me one distinctly different method they use at a time. Up-drafts, up-welling flows of air can be seen when the birds bank into them. By far, most of the winds are sheet-flows, as in N., S., E., or W. flowing air, not even gusty. To make a very long story short, there is a sailing aircraft first made public by the good people of Perth Amboy, where much remains to be found. It is how to produce far more energy than windmills do now with blades and towers costly to build to reach winds. It is also about the use of hydrogen, produced, and contained.

  6. The Solomon Andrews patents are real. The markets did follow what public and private or corporal – Patent they may have had. Helium from the U.S. was not for sale for building a floating billboard for the Nazi swastika. Most technology is held back. It’s safe to say that anyone who has died in the past three or four decades did not have to die. We know there is a stage for each illness where we can cure it. These are the things we talk openly about on Electric Island when we are there. Nerves go grow back. You can clone people and pets and nip it in the bud and do a total trunk organs transplant, heart and lungs, or do a pop top – have a real stint as a kid. Is a regular part of life in one place what is unthinkable someplace else? Yes! What is unthinkable IS a regular part – of life. – Direct from the Aerostation.

  7. Welcomed, the quick witted;<The stand-outs, just a few;<Keeping their constitutions<The old red, white, and blue

    Look up above there.
    Wherever you go

    • Verse #8 of this poem:

      Welcomed, the quick-witted,
      The stand-outs, just a few;
      Keeping their constitutions
      The old red, white and blue

      There are no dead-enders,
      Only people who are dead;
      Not knowing when
      to Stand! Fight!
      Or when to bow ahead

      -A verse from: Buffered Broadcasting Network

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